Pro fiction

The Delta Green setting was created for gaming, but has inspired traditional prose fiction. This page describes the "official" works of fiction, authorized by the makers of the game and professionally published, but not necessarily canon.

Pro fiction stands in contrast to fan fiction.


In chronological order, first publication only:

  1. Delta Green: Alien Intelligence (Tynes Cowan Corp, March 1998), short stories collection by multiple authors.
  2. Delta Green: Dark Theatres (Armitage House, 1999), short stories collection by multiple authors.
  3. Delta Green: The Rules of Engagement (Tynes Cowan Corp, 2000), novel by John Tynes.
  4. Delta Green: Denied to the Enemy (Tynes Cowan Corp, distributed by Impressions, 2003), novel by Dennis Detwiller.
  5. Delta Green: Through a Glass, Darkly (Arc Dream Publishing, 2011), novel by Dennis Detwiller.
  6. Delta Green: Strange Authorities (Arc Dream Publishing, 2012), collection of previously published stories by John Tynes.
  7. Delta Green: Tales from Failed Anatomies (Arc Dream Publishing, 2014), collection of short stories by Dennis Detwiller.

For more information on available editions, including reprints and ISBNs, consult Wikipedia.

On reading order

Rodrigo J. Lozano wrote to the DGML on 2014-05-19:

The original publication order is actually accurate as reading order too. Getting into detail now though, avoiding spoilers:

- Alien Intelligence/Rules of Engagement/Through a Glass Darkly go through the main current storyline, sort of. Alien Intelligence is a recollection of stories, one of them (The Dark Above) preceding the events of Rules of Engagement

- Denied to the Enemy is a complete novel that goes pretty much on its own

- Alien Intelligence, Rules of Engagement. Both are stories compilations but both hold stories by Greg Stolze that are connected. The one in Alien Intelligence goes first in this case.

- Strange Authorities is basically The Dark Above (Alien Intelligence) + Rules of Engagement + some other adittions if I am not mistaken (this is the only one I do not own, as I already have Alien Intelligence and Rules of Engagement)

So, ideally, you would go:

Alien Intelligence / Rules of Engagement / Through a Glass Darkly. You can add Denied to the Enemy at any time and Strange Authorities anytime after Alien Intelligence. Substitute Alien Intelligence / Rules of Engagement for Strange Authorities as needed.

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