Project Campaign Proposal 3

PROPOSAL 3: by Rodrigo

Suicide / Immortality

When: Between Rules of Engagement and Through a Glass Darkly

Main Threat: Reinhard Galt / MJ12 Project RAINBOW / Quantum mechanics

Acts: Hard to say. Took me 5 months total at very slow pace and with lots of other details added to the mix

Resumed Plot:

  • Reinhard Galt, through the works of Dr. Willem Eisenbein, gets knowledge of the Eisenbein/Tillinghast resonator
  • Galt gathers a small group of ritters to gather the necessary stuff to pull it out
  • Despite lack of cameras, a photo arrives at the investigators. Reinhard Galt is on it as well as the ritters. A-Cell gets into berserk mode to get Galt shot down
  • Investigation ensues. While the characters investigate this and that, a few other armed assaults by Galt happen, ending with the big one at March Industries to get a necessary Hi-tech electromagnetic generator or whatever other mumbo jumbo derived from Eldridge investigation we want. MJ12 mobilizes NRO Delta against Galt. Gavin Ross (ADAM) finds himself in a rough position having to keep Lepus/NRO in check as well as his own DG guys. DG is now caught in the middle of a war not their own
  • More investigation happens. Chance to uncover Project RAINBOW and ability to expand the campaing further in the future from that link
  • Galt assaults electric power plant to get the first prototype to work with ritters and expendable bauer. Fails misserably and some plant personel are found in grotesque fashion. They are basically a meatball of several iterations of theirselves. Several heads, arms, legs, et all. As a reminder, Wackenhut Corporation handles security for a large ammount of electrical power plants, specially nuclear plant. Chance of a shoot out between NRO / DG depending on how long it takes both of them to arrive to the scene.
  • Galt assaults nuclear plant and makes a second attempt with increased power output. Investigators get a chance to stop Galt if they arrive to the right place in time. If they are late (or wrong), Galt gains quantum immoratality under certain conditions

Fine, as I said, this is a weird one. First of all, quantum immortality. I am going to make a very brief explanation that will be terrible for anyone actually knowledgeable on physics but rather simple for the rest of us to understand. Lets assume multiple universes. Lets assume you shoot a gun against Galt and you may fail or not under infinite number of circumstances. Universe A -> Galt dies, Universe B -> Galt lives. You shoot again in Universe B and again, you might kill him or not. And again, and again, and again… There is an infinitely small chance that you ALWAYS fail and he ALWAYS survives on Universe XXXX even if you killed him in all infinite prior universes. According to Everett's Many Worlds interpretation, Galt is always alive and dead at the same time, but we only perceive Galt in one of those two possible states.

HP Lovecraft's From Beyond ( explains how the Tillinghast Resonator was created to affect the Pineal Gland to allow us to see beyond our normal senses into the terrifying overlapping reality of the Mythos. If Galt can manage to change the machine into making everyone perceive Universe XYXJALKS where every attempt to kill him fails, then he will have achieved quantum immortality, which added to his ability to not age, well… deep shit at its finest

Well, when I ran all this I mixed a hell lot of other things to the general plot that made this quite a memorable campaing for my players, even with them failing and Galt getting what he wanted. I made one of the ritters a CIA agent that could pretty much block files from the agents and make their life more difficult. I had NSA yelling at FBI as my players were mostly in FBI/police. I had Alzis screwing things up and putting up threats/suggestions as he is not particularly happy with Galt's obectives. Armed aryan supremacist to shoot (bauers). Since Galt had to move heavy hardware (and hell lot of guns) Tiger Transit made a cameo too. One of the ritters was one of my players brother, since the familty (and the agent) were right-wing extremists. Lepus showing up in the middle… Well, about everything was in it. It was one hell of a mess and funny as hell

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