Project Campaign Proposal 1

PROPOSAL 1, by Davide

When: Around 2001
Main Threat: Disceples of the Worm
Acts:Intro + 3 Major Acts (Afghanistan,US CITY,DOW HQ)
Resumed Plot:

  • Players go for something in Afghanistan
  • Found Ghouls helping Talibans fighting Coalization Forces and a Taliban leader that got contact in US soil for drug (a DoW drug dealer)
  • Back in US Soil, investigation over DoW and a brain cancer is diagnosticated to a player close person (Wife?Brother?Son?)
  • Temptation of corruption over the player to let the close person become a DoW to save his life.DG destroy major DoW branch in the designated US City.Found documents on south america DOW HQ
  • Attack DoW HQ with major DG op.
  • No win-win situation: probably best is a win with high costs.
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