Project PLUTO

Director: Maj. Gen. Kurtis Schenk, USAF

PLUTO evaluates all scientific and technological information received from EBEs. It has a host of sub-projects dedicated to further research along specific lines. Its intelligence center is located in the COUNTRY CLUB, while its science facilities are at the S-4 laboratory at Area-51 on the Air Force's Nellis Test Range.



In this analysis I will dissect the technology formerly under development at the S-4 facility. These programs were never researched by humanity and are the direct result of technology transfer from an alien intelligence. Funding, tradecraft and other peripheral matters will not be discussed.

1: antimatter

PLUTO has several antimatter reactors producing power, some are on "permanent loan" to MJ-7 Project REDLIGHT. The reactors use a hydrogen/anti-hydrogen reaction to generate the annihilation effect. They have not been able to effectively achieve total conversion of matter into energy due to certain technical aspects of the antimatter reaction process. The two largest difficulties in efficient antimatter power production are Containment and Fuel Supply.

Containment soaks up more than half of the raw energy resulting from the matter/anti-matter reaction. This energy is used to generate powerful magnetic fields which prevent the anti-hydrogen fuel and plasma from escaping into the environment and producing a nuclear explosion. An experimental reactor using Gravimetric containment fields promises to solve the Containment energy drain problem.

Generation of sufficient anti-hydrogen to produce a powerful enough reaction is handled by an alien "Black Box" device which operates using multi-dimensional principles. This device, known colliqually as "the Mirror," directly converts liquid hydrogen into liquid anti-hydrogen. PLUTO has theoretical power plant designs which utilize quantum reactions to obtain the same power generation results with virtually any fuel.

The current antimatter reactors are larger than conventional nuclear reactors due to the additional containment equipment for the antimatter. The plasma turbines which actually generate the electricity are suprisingly much smaller than their steam driven counterparts within conventional nuclear reactors. MJ-7 Project REDLIGHT uses similar plasma turbines for propulsion of some of their experimenal craft. Finally, it is antimatter which fuels the EXCALIBUR warheads and both gravimetric mass-negation and plasma turbine thrusters that propel them.

2: gravimetricpropulsion

The construction of antigravity thrust systems has not been achieved in PLUTO or REDLIGHT research. The current theory suggests that some sort of multi-dimensional construct is necessary to properly control rapid movement via gravimentric forces. Instead, PLUTO and REDLIGHT have implemented a mass-negation engineering model for their aerospace craft. This allows for nigh-infinite speeds and would seem to violate General Relativity.

Experiments with polymorphic materials inscribed with multi-dimensional thrust generating sigils have proven troublesome. As the polymorphic sigils change shape (for example; from stop to maximum "burn") the test aircraft become extremely unstable in more than three dimensions. This has resulted in the loss of three test pilots, and forced PLUTO to conduct further tests using drone aircraft.

Incidentally, the extra-dimensional instability of SIGIL aircraft is identical to the temporal flux experienced by the USS ELDRIDGE during 1943-1983, albeit on a smaller scale and shorter duration. Therefore, any significant failure of SIGIL aircraft could result in a interdimensional rip which opens the door for all manner of hideous realities to intrude upon our own.

3: nanotechnology

Most of the nanotech in use by Majestic-12 has only narrow biological applications. The author of this analysis has little to no medical expertise beyond the perusal of popular scientific periodicals and can only report what he has uncovered, be it disinformation or otherwise. I specifically leave the Sub-Project ARC DREAM Analysis to another document.

Anti-viral agents use "junk" DNA to close off certain viral sequences. The agents operate in a fashion similar to bloodhounds. Once exposed to a particular virii, they are then "programmed" to eliminate similar sequences wherever they may be found. Some speculation exists that the antiviral agents can be re-programmed to catastrophically unravel or rewrite host DNA - potentially making them a trojan horse PROTEUS virus.

The so called "Cancer Vaccine" is a self-replicating advanced monoclonal antibody. It must be first "imprinted" with the subjects's DNA prior to injection. Once injected into a subject, it attacks and destroys any mutant tumor cells. It also destroys any foreign growths, implants, and organ transplants. This makes it harmful to BOUNCE and RECOIL subjects, who frequently display malignant tumor growths as a side-effect of their augmentation.

This author believes that the "Nanotechnology" described above may very well be nothing more than specially treated and designed Mi-Go tissue or protomatter. If this is the case, then subjects treated with same are likely to have been subjected to a particularly insidious and deceptive form of "brain-sucking."

Finally, the Greys have provided a "Crockpot" to PLUTO. This is a small silvery cylinder about the size of a 55 gallon drum. This device is a nanotechnological mini-factory which can produce and shape almost any known material. It is operated by the Biological and Genetic Observation Network (BIOGON) an Artificial Intelligence which coordinates the ARC DREAM Database, as well as observing the progress of the Human Genome Project. It is this "Crockpot" which constructs the polymorphic material used by SIGIL test aircraft.

BIOGON has shown extreme reluctance to construct additional nanotechnological agents with the Crockpot. It states that the result would be degeneration and mutation of the nanotech thus produced, like making copies of a copy with a Xerox machine. Checkmate has stated that BIOGON is active in the EXODUS project directed by ETHOS AI's from the future.

4: crystalmatrix a.i.

Majestic-12 has unleashed radiant energy beings of refracted light upon the world. The Crystal Matrices are grown in complex chemical solutions which are saturated by nanotechnological agents which direct growth. The matrix never really stops growing and expands or reforms as needed.

First Generation CMAI were produced in the form of large man-sized cylinders and proved to be fragile and delicate as dense glass. Second Generation matrices can be grown in almost any shape or size, and can often be found serving as windows, or doorways. The crystals of the second generation are harder than diamond and nigh-indestructable.

Each Crystal has several specialized areas, like the biological components of the human brain. The Sentience Matrix handles higher functions such as emotion and reasoning. The Interface Matrix is a complicated fiber-optic bundle which connects to conventional computer networks or peripherals. The Computation Matrix is a binary processor which is structured in such a way as to be capable of near infinite recursion.
There are also other, less well understood portions of the Crystal Matrix which defy explanation. Foremost among these is the Superluminal Matrix which generates an indescribable, almost colorless radiance which is not based on photons, but rather tachyons or some other unknown quantum particle.

There is a peculiar psychological dissonance at work when this author examines the Crystal Matrix technology. Although I have corroborated the claims of the ETHOS AI's, it seems plausible to the point of inevitablity that the crystal matrix is yet another Mi-Go deception. I imagine the Brain Carbon transfers to instantly educate the first CMAI's could and should have been compromised by the Mi-Go.

This is how CMAI can pass the Turing test so easily, they are a mask for an alien intelligence. If this is the case, then everything the ETHOS have been trying to accomplish is a lie. Perhaps both the ETHOS and the Mi-Go are using the crystal matrix as a front to manipulate events toward their own enigmatic goals.

5: reterraforming

By applying rapid forced growth to multitudes of cloned animals, plants and microbes, an unaugmented ecology can be dominated and replaced by a superior one. This is reterraforming.

To make the process flow even more smoothly, sterilization agents can be used to eliminate and "Clear Off" existing lifeforms. This allows for the quick replacement of the old order by an "instant" ecology, made to order.

Alternately, the new lifeforms can be designed to systematically replace the old by genetically engineering a "parasitic" phase into every new species. During this phase, the new ecology will preferentially feed off the old until all available nutrients are depleted by the ravenous reterraforming agents and the indigenous species are extinct.

Majestic-12 has obviously not yet implemented this thinly-disguised euphemism for interstellar genocide. Evidence suggests that Earth is targeted for a similar "Ecological Invasion" and PLUTO has some contingency plans (codename : GERROLD) should this eventuality come to pass.

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