R, the Director of Pisces

There have been nine 'R's in the history of PISCES:

1. Commander Fredrick Ramsey (1916-1932). Originally assigned to the Royal Navy's Project DELPHI. Resigned his commission in 1900. Recruited to head the Special Reconnaissance Section (MI13) in 1916 becoming the first 'R'. Died of a heart attack in April 1932. (''Delta Green: Countdown'' pp 13-15).

2. Lt-General David Cornwall (1932-1955). As an Army Captain led expeditionary force against ghouls in France. As a Major posted as a military attaché to Istanbul he fought the Brotherhood of the Skin (see Horror on the Orient Express). Resigned his commission in 1926 under FO pressure, but joined MI13 in 1927. Assigned to head MI13 in May 1932 after the death of Ramsey. Promoted to Colonel and Director of PISCES when it was formed on 26 June 1940, and promoted to Lieutenant General in 1953. His knighthood was received in 1955, and he retired from PISCES; dying in 1961, the causes of which remain controversial. (''Delta Green: Countdown'' pp 14-21).

3. General Stewart Collier (1956-1959). Appointed Director of PISCES in 1955. Dismissed 1959 due to possible links to the Cambridge spy ring. The 'official' reason was listed as 'ill health'. Died in 1978.

4. Brigadier-General Sir Charles Balfour (1959-1969). Recruited into PISCES in 1942. As Brigadier-General, he became the Director of PISCES in 1959. He was knighted and retired from PISCES in 1969. Current location: Private retirement home. (''Delta Green: Countdown'' pp 21-22; 40-41).

5. Sir Alan Hopkinson (1969-1975). First civilian Director of PISCES. Replaced in 1975, possibly at the 'request' of the new Prime Minister Harold Wilson in exchange for a conciliatory Knighthood. Died in 1991.

6. Sir Michael Wellington (1975-1982). An ineffectual political appointee, PISCES became incompetent and complacent under his leadership. Dismissed by the Thatcher government in 1983 following the re-organization of the intelligence services after their failure to predict the Argentinian invasion of the Falkland Islands. Current location: Estate in Bahamas.

7. Admiral John Tremayne (1983-1987). Appointed Director in 1983, Tremayne was previously a senior officer in NID. He had little previous experience of the paranormal. Attempted to introduce reform in PISCES. His death was reported as suicide in December 1987.

8. Sir Colin Woodall (1988-1994). Appointed Director in 1988, Woodall was a career PISCES agent. He expanded PISCES' domestic counter-terrorism and counter-subversion roles. He was knighted in 1992, and had a mental breakdown in 1994. Current location: a Government 'care facility'.

9. Lady Marjorie Rittingham (1994-present). Recruited into PISCES in 1980, and became Director of PISCES in 1994. (''Delta Green: Countdown'' pp 31-32).


Material not from Delta Green: Countdown is from The Black Seal #2 by Graeme Price and Adam Crossingham.

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