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The official Unspeakable Oath podcast. Available for download here. Initially hosted by Oath editor Shane Ivey, Ross Payton and Toren Atkinson.

  • Episode 1, 2011-05-31. Interview with John Scott Tynes.
  • Episode 2, 2011-07-31. Interview with Dennis Detwiller.
  • Special Presentation, 2011-08-12. The Unspeakable Oath and the Delta Green RPG.
  • Episode 3, 2011-08-29. Interview with Adam Scott Glancy.
  • Episode 4, 2011-12-21. Interview with Dan Harms. Theme: "How to Horrify Your Players". Toren Atkinson is replaced as co-host by Adam Scott Glancy.
  • Episode 5, 2012-02-13. Interview with Greg Stolze. Theme: "Historical Horror Gaming".
  • Episode 6, 2012-09-11. Delta Green at GenCon 2012.

Background music

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Film soundtracks

Distinguish between the subject matter of a film and the actual appropriateness of its music for table-top use. A lot of soundtracks are closely keyed to the action of their films and do not work as unmanaged background music. Good background music also has no discernible vocals to distract from the conversation that constitutes the RPG.

  • Angel Heart.
  • Alien 3.
  • Basic Instinct.
  • The Cotton Club.
  • Miss Smilla's Sense for Snow. Really?
  • The Abyss. Good for SCUBA.
  • Crimson Tide.
  • The Outer Limits.
  • Hitchcock film music by B. Hermann.
  • Interview with the Vampire.
  • The Exorcist. Mujaheddin singing or strings perfect for bugs running around (for some B-movie adventure).
  • Speed. Action scenes.
  • Koyaanisqatsi (Philip Glass). The title track is good for a sinister ritual. Other tracks good for MJ-12 superman experiments.
  • The Fog (Carpenter).
  • Silence of the Lambs.
  • Twin Peaks, the TV series and Fire Walk with Me.
  • Miracle Mile.
  • The Usual Suspects.
  • Nostradamus. Alternately dark and happy.
  • Eric Serra's music for La Grand Bleu, Nikita, Leon (a.k.a. The Professional).
  • Inferno (Keith Emerson). Excerpts.
  • Suspiria (Goblins). Excerpts.

Other music

  • Charlie Haden Quartet West. "Always Say Goodbye" and "Haunted Heart".
  • Elvis Costello. "Harlem Nocturnes" and "Watching the Detectives".
  • The Death Odors. International Compilation (Italian; an hour of sheer madness).
  • Tangerine Dream. Zeit.
  • Orbital. Insides.
  • Anything by Dead Can Dance.
  • Thomas Moore, Music for the Soul. Ominous.
  • Aphex Twin, Ambient II.
  • The Hunter, the Hunted by Alex Cremers.
  • Joe Satriani, Time Machine.
  • Deep Listening Band. Recorded in an empty underground reservoir tank.
  • Lights in a Fat City. Didgeridoos and oil drum percussion. Interesting but not exactly scary.
  • Main. The guitar player from Loop, real exploration of tone and timbre stuff.
  • Crevice 2. From Texas.
  • Wim Mertens. Flemish Belgian minimalist classical pianist/vocalist, a Dreamlands background.
  • Lustmord.
  • Recoil.
  • Coil.
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