Regnum Congo

by Raymond H Rich and Emerald Hammer

This book of antediluvian aspect, bound in leather with metal fittings, was originally written in Latin by Italian explorer Pigafetta from the sailor Lopex's supposed observations. This book discusses the Congo region of Africa circa the end of the 16th century. Pigafetta discribes many strange things, including descriptions of what may be dinosaurs, as well as focusing some attention on the Anzique tribe. Two versions of this text exist. The first is the standard version, which can be found in libraries and collections throughout the world. This edition has Latin and English translations. The second version of Regnum Congo, is an expanded version of Pigafetta's work, although the authorship of these expansions is unknown. The edition is known to exist in Latin and German, and possibly English as well. The expanded edition further details the cannibalistic Anziques and their dark rituals.

It was later translated into German and printed in Frankfurt in 1598. The scholarship of the illustrators (the brothers de Bry) is questionable, and the engravings are thought to have been drawn purely from imagination, as they depict fantastical creatures and Africans with clearly Caucasian features.

The above plate shows the ageless cannibal Anziques, patrons to Karotechia Triumverate member Reinhard Galt. The copy of Regnum Congo described in Lovecraft's story falls open to this page, unnerving the narrator and casting allusions as to the diet of the book's owner.


Tome: Regnum Congo (expanded version only) by Pigafetta
Language: German, Latin, English, French and Italian
Mythos: +1
SAN: -1d6
Spell Mult: x1
Study Time: 4 weeks
Spells: Food of Life (p. 109 Delta Green) Consume Memories, Enchant Ring of the Anziques.
Notes: An illustrated guide to cannibalism in Central Africa at the end of the 16th century. (DG, 108)


based on material from Delta Green by Dennis Detwiller, Adam Scott Glancy, and John Tynes;
and "The Picture in the House" by H.P. Lovecraft

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