Revelations of Glaaki

This work was published in 1865 in Liverpool, and contains the writings of various members of a cult dedicated to the god Glaaki. The books detail the prophecies, wisdom and commands given to Glaaki's cult, with a special concentration on the strange happenings in the Severn Valley, where the cult was located. The Great Old One Y'Golonac seems to take a particular interest in readers of this work, for unknown reasons.

The standard set has nine volumes, but there are rumors of sets that have eleven or even twelve books, with material that the printers were unwilling to transmit to the public.


from Emerald Hammer
The Revelations Of Glakki Volume 13

Tome: The Revelations Of Glakki Volume 13 - Unknown Author
Language: Latin and Gothic
Mythos: +4
SAN: -1d3/-1d6
Spell Mult: x5
Study Time: 2 Weeks
Spells: None
Condition: Fair, some Spine damage, dusty, slight mould on both covers.
References: Page 28 Countdown

Rob Thomas' Notes
This volume is not an actual part of the Revelations itself, instead it takes the form of a reference work compiled by a seeker after immortality and eventual Glakki worshiper. This Glakki cultist lived in Germany near the town of Zolta and is written in both Latin and Gothic, with parts of the text in both providing a means of translation of the, by now, dead gothic language.

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