Rhino Teams

Have you ever found that your cell just was not quite cutting it in the fire power area for the really tough ops? Cultists in hundreds rather than tens?

Send out to cell "A" for a six man Rhino team. Each socially maladjusted member hails from one or another of the DOD's best of the best. They TAD out four times a year to train with special ops groups worldwide, courtesy of a highly placed friendly, and pack the latest in creatively acquired man portable firepower and heavy body armor. These are NOT the folk you want for low key insertions, recon, hostage rescue and high mobility operations. They take "eliminate with extreme prejudice" to new levels. After the cell has beat its collective skull against the bunker where (fill in the blank)'s high priest has buried himself for a few weeks, call in the Rhino Team and start fine tuning your best dis-information techniques on a meteor strike story. When it's over there is nothing left but a two story deep glassine crater.

Equipment selection for the Rhino team we used reads something like this: M16 w/M203 attached, M60, LAW missiles, 60mm mortar, man portable flame throwers, chemical agent projectors, grenades of every flavor, claymore mines (my personal fav) and, in the spirit of world wide harmony, the international versions of this equipment.

Note: the DG cell members lost plenty of sanity while sifting through remnants left over by the Rhino's.

Contributed by David Wienecke.

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