Robert Crucian

Height: 5'10"
Education: US Army MP School, University of Iowa School of Library and Information Science
Occupation: Nominally a librarian

STR 16 CON 16 SIZ 15 INT 14
POW 15 DEX 12 APP 8 EDU 17
SAN 62 HP 17

MP 9
Idea 70% Luck 15% Know 70%

Damage Bonus: +1D6

Skills: Computer Use 40%, Conceal 30%, Climb 50%, Credit Rating 0%, Cthulhu Mythos 40%, Demolitions 10%, Dodge 34%, Drive Automobile 37%, Fast Talk 10%, First Aid 35%, Hide 51%, Jump 18%, Library Use 85%, Listen 77%, Locksmith 12%, Martial arts 75%, Melee 40%, Navigate (Land) 50%, Occult 30%, Sneak 67%, Spot Hidden 70%, Swim 10%, Throw 50%, Track 35%

Languages: English (own) 70%, Latin 20%

Attacks: Pistol 54%, Shotgun 50%, Rifle 20%, Knife 35%, Grapple 65%, Fist/Punch 65%

Robert Crucian, MLIS currently works at the University of New Mexico's Zimmerman Library as the special collections reference liaison. His title notwithstanding, his real work is for the Voelz Grant Conservatory. As part of the network of special collections serviced by the Voelz grant, Zimmerman library maintains an archive of dangerous tomes, including the dreaded Necronomicon itself. Crucian, a former Army MP, is often employed in securing and, on occasion, obtaining these books. His first exposure to the Mythos came in library school, where he had to face down a Cthulhu cult. That experience, along with a later run-in with a Tsathoggua cult in Harvest, Iowa, brought him to the attention of the Voelz Conservatory. He accepted the New Mexico job before he knew what he was in for.

Crucian has an impressive knowledge of the mythos, culled from his conservation work with various grimoires. He is a skilled martial artist with a powerful frame that belies his 5'10" stature. His military police training has left him adept with firearms; especially pistols and shotguns. He often carries his .357 magnum revolver and any number of other weapons, including tactical batons, yawara sticks, and knives. One of his signature methods is to inscribe his weapons and bullets with the elder sign, making them tangible to mythos creatures (though this does not always guarantee that they will be potent enough to stop them).

Crucian's work with the Voelz Conservatory has exposed him to other groups working against the mythos, though he may not know much about those organizations. He suspects that Delta Green exists, but remains ignorant to its particulars. He has some knowledge of the Fraternal Order of Librarians and the Starkweather Foundation, but he has had no dealings with any elements of MJ 12. Crucian is very handy in a fight, and should be regarded as a DG friendly in most circumstances, though his primary loyalty will be to the Conservatory and to himself. He is also a borderline alcoholic, with a history of self-medicating with liquor for depression and financial problems. Despite this he has displayed surprising resilience to elements of the mythos.

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