Robert Hubert

It was impossible to point to any particular motion that was definitely non-human. Ransom has the sense of watching an imitation of living motions which had been very well studied and was technically correct: but somehow it lacked the master touch. And he was chilled with an inarticulate, night-nursery horror of the thing he had to deal with - the managed corpse, the bogey, the Un-man.

— C.S. Lewis, Perelandra

In Delta Green canon, Robert Hubert is a member of the Fate. The character is probably named after the historical figure who was executed after a false confession to having started the Great Fire of London (Wikipedia).

He's better dressed than anyone you've ever met. He's fashionable, rich, powerful, well-spoken, and impeccable. He never displays emotion. Robert Hubert behaves as a machine in a man's skin. Fastidious to the point of obsession, his constant grooming and precise, clockwork-like movements more closely resembles something that stepped out of the Uncanny Valley than a human being. Robert Hubert first appeared on the New York scene in the 60's. He became manager of Club Apocalypse at its opening in 1969, and has remained a fixture there ever since. He has not aged a single day.

Some of those more savvy to the nature of the Network and aware of some of the company Hubert keeps suspect him of being an android, or a homunculus of some sort. They are incorrect, but those that learn the truth typically meet some horrible 'accident' in the deepest subterranean chambers beneath Club Apocalypse.

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