Scarred was a youth culture program on MTV in 2007. In each episode, several real people shared stories of how they were injured while attempting dangerous stunts, primarily on skateboards, in-line skates, skis, snowboards, and bikes.

An opening disclaimer warns viewers not to repeat what they see or send in any submissions, then proceeds to state that "the following stories are real"; the clips in the show are home videos. How's that for a disincentive, kids?

The trendy young announcer, with his hair dyed black and mostly-black clothes, promises gore and "Tony [bleep]-ing Hawk" (episode 14). Very fast cuts follow, with bone-crunching climaxes in a series of 5 increasingly "fucked-up" or "sick" (as the announcer insists) clips. There is an interview with each victim, while the crucial shot of the injury taking place, and various medical imagery, are intercut and repeated at length. Graphic details are set to romanticizing rock and comedic music. Cut to the credits, set to fake and apparently real forensics-style photos of bruised and badly injured people alongside more clips. The credits sequence terminates in the show's logo, on a backdrop of stitched-together skin.


There are some faint signs of restraint and Hasturian artistic suggestiveness amid the decadence. Notably, tempo manipulations of the home videos do not focus on the moment of impact, and some shots are initially blurred. The closing credits are set to popular music from Lovecraft's era.

Scarred would need disturbingly little modification to serve as the perfect propaganda piece for a Cult of Transcendence puppet organization.

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