Several scenarios have been written specifically with Delta Green in mind. Due to DG's respect for Lovecraft and other Mythos originals, it is usually easy to adapt non-DG modern Mythos materials for use with DG agents, especially since the history of DG stretches back to Innsmouth.

From the original creators

These are all complete and published specifically for Delta Green.

  • In the original sourcebook:
    • Puppet Shows and Shadow Plays: Hunting a murderous parasite in Arizona. Simple scenario intended for FBI agents prior to DG induction.
    • Convergence: The mystery of Groversville, Tennessee, a UFO hotspot and source of a young killer in obvious pain.
    • The New Age: The Greys use the Enolsis Foundation to protect the Accord, leading to a clear sign of the End Times. A brief campaign in two parts.
  • In Delta Green: Countdown:
    • A Victim of the Art (pdf download): Three inexplicable, extremely violent deaths in Glenridge, Long Island, NY. Simple sandbox scenario for one or two sessions.
    • Night Floors: (pdf download) A Yellow Sign is found scrawled on a piece of paper in the apartment of a missing painter, Manhattan, NY.
    • Dead Letter: A Karotechia mini-campaign with zombies, moving from California to Montana.
  • In the Eyes Only collection:
    • Artifact Zero: A Montana missing persons case with infectious radiation.
    • A Night on Owlshead Mountain: Surveyors have gone missing in a Vermont forest, leading A Cell to recall a massacre in the area three years before.
    • Holy War: In the immediate aftermath of 9/11, Great Old Ones and their powerful servants clash as DG follows a trail from Arizona to New York.
  • Published elsewhere:
    • Music from a Darkened Room: Put a haunted house to rest, one way or the other. By Dennis Detwiller. Downloadable.
    • PX Poker Night (pdf download): A few airforce buddies, a friendly game of poker, a crashed UFO. By Dennis Detwiller. Includes pregenerated characters.
    • Future/Perfect (link to PDF download): A four-part campaign by Dennis Detwiller. The Permian returns to bite the present.
    • The Last Equation (link to pdf download). Mathematics uncover the nature of reality. By Dennis Detwiller.
    • Kali Ghati. DG agents in Afghanistan search for a lost colleague along the border to Pakistan. By Shane Ivey. Distributed as a 2015 DGRPG Kickstarter campaign reward.

Fan-made for Delta Green

There are a lot of false starts on the Internet, but the following fan-made scenarios are complete:


Many other campaigns have been suggested on the mailing list over the years, though the material on them is not yet collected in this wiki:

  • New Cult of Cthulhu. The ancient cult reforms as an elite dedicated to sociopathic materialism. This idea prefigures the Cult of Transcendence, and late-2000s financial crisis. Message 18319.
  • Black Brotherhood. The Iraq War was a smash and grab on Irem between rival Mythos cults. Message 18496.
  • The Shan cross the Atlantic and infiltrate MJ-12 (and Delta Green) after the Accord breaks down. Message 18297 (copied into Delta Green after 9/11).
  • War on Dregs. Delta Green attempts to ignite conflict between the Fate and other Mythos/crime groups, in particular the Disciples of the Worm. As things heat up, DG begins to use ghouls as infiltrators. Message 26272 and thread.
  • Office #44 takes the role of the Karotechia and is wiped out by a DG operation in North Korea. Message 32308.
  • Crossover with the X-COM computer game franchise, particularly UFO: Enemy Unknown (1994). The suggested backbone was an attempt at subjugation and religious conversion of the Earth by vengeful insects from Shaggai and their light-tolerant slave races, opposed by PCs as BLUE FLY soldiers in an uneasy alliance of some of the canonical organizations. Message 32362.


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