The Schism

The Schism is the name for the division between the two modern groups that both claim to be the sole inheritor of the name and mission of Delta Green, generally referred to as the Program and the Outlaws.


The schism has its origins in the events surrounding the dissolution of MAJESTIC-12 following the events of Through a Glass Darkly. The long-running war between the Delta Green Conspiracy and Majestic was ended by the failed coup of Adolph Lepus and the appointment of John Smith as the new director of MJ-1 and head of the Steering Committee. Smith ended Majestic's quasi-independence after the White House became aware that Majestic was withholding the Report from them, quietly transitioning the rapidly collapsing Majestic into a covert sub-group of the National Security Agency. As part of this transition the Delta Green clearance was reactivated, having been shuttered since 1970. Smith offered employment within the reborn Delta Green to every former Delta Green agent he knew of and many of them took him up on the offer, once again working under the aegis of the federal government.

However there were also those within the Conspiracy that refused to take up the offer. Under the leadership of Donald Poe these hardliners believed that the reborn Delta Green was nothing more than Majestic by another name, an insult to the memory of the 'true' Delta Green that Majestic had spent so many years trying to destroy. These Outlaws, as they came to be known by the 'official' Delta Green, decided that they would continue as they had before Majestic's collapse - operating without anyone's approval or support. They would fight the unnatural on their own terms.

Utilising the Schism

Puppet Masters

The hyper-secret nature of both of Delta Green's modern incarnations means that the player should only ever have a vague notion of the Schism's existence, and therefore of who they truly work for. A player might be lead to believe that they are operating at the direction of a deniable, but still entirely legitimate, branch of the US government whilst in truth they are being lied to by their in-universe handlers who actually act on the behalf of the Outlaws. Similarly a player might believe that they're an Outlaw but actually answer to a member of the Program. Potentially a friendly they come to rely on might be working for the 'opposition', secretly feeding information back to their rivals.

Overlapping Goals

Both the Program and the Outlaws claim to have the same goal - protect people from the unnatural. The Program generally has more resources at their disposal and the Outlaws have less bureaucracy tying their hands, but at their core their mission is the same. It is entirely possible for both organisations to end up attempting to combat the same enemy at the same time. This could be caused by a mole within one or both organisations, a friendly accidently (or intentionally) feeding information to both sides or even just plain bad luck.
The Players would then be confronted with an unusual development in the course of their operation. A Program Agent might discover that a new group of individuals have entered town, seemingly intent on uncovering the very thing that the Agent is trying to cover up. The Agent might wonder who these people are, terrorists, cultists or some other threat? Likewise an Outlaw Agent might suddenly see a convoy of government black vans speeding into town for a 'training exercise' or a 'counter-terrorism operation', and they may begin to wonder if these enemies are the hated 'Majestic' that their handlers so often curse. The opportunities for conflict are endless, throwing another spanner into an already complex situation.

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