Section Disparu

Section Disparu (literally The Section that Disappeared/Doesn't Exist) is a French covert agency proposed by Adam Scott Glancy.1 It is not canonical, but rather an example of how one might go about creating a credible organization for non-American players of Delta Green in their home country, doubling as a foreign threat to Delta Green agents.

Section Disparu is essentially imperial, but recent. It was created “just as the communist regimes of Eastern Europe and the U.S.S.R. were collapsing.” It's mission is to undermine American power in the post-Cold War era, pushing France bit by bit into the resulting vacuum.

As a central feature of its extradiegetic design, Section Disparu has no knowledge of the Cthulhu Mythos, or of any occult threat. To the extent that it is aware of Majestic-12 for example, it is only because of MJ-12's advanced technology and power. Players in it are encouraged to formulate the organization's policy from scratch as they begin to encounter supernatural phenomena.

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