Seven Cryptical Books of Hsan

The Seven Cryptical Books of Hsan (special edition, signed and numbered, with foil-embossed cover! The oldest, closest-to-original version found to date.) - Hsan the Greater, circa 213 BC
from Emerald Hammer

Scroll titles and spells

Earth: Contact Cthonian, Contact Zhar, Contact Lloigor
Sun: Elder Sign, Eye of Light and Darkness
Moon: Gate of Oneirology, Create Liao Drug
Fire: Shrivelling, Find Gate, Create Gate
Water: Contact Deep One, Summon/Bind Byakhee
Wood: Contact Mi-Go, Contact Ghoul, Resurrection
Void: Contact Hound of Tindalos, Contact Nyarlathotep

Phil's Additions

The code running through the seven scrolls is rumoured to tell the time of the return of the "old ones", however this edition does not merely predict the time of their return, it actually summons the Demon Sultan Azathoth.

The final spell is Call/Dismiss Azathoth, which is a big reason the Karotechia wants to get all seven scrolls. In this version, the spell is worked into all seven scrolls as a code. The code requires all seven scrolls to break it, and even then skill in reading Classical Chinese Scripts (at x1/2 normal ability) and cryptography skill are crucial. No other known versions of the Seven Cryptical Books contains this spell, as the code disappears once the type of script changes.


Language: Classical Chinese (skill x1/2 for code)
Mythos: +11 (+3 more if code is deciphered)
SAN: -1d4/1d8 (1d10 if code is deciphered)
Spell Mult: x4 (x2 for coded spell)
Study Time: 7 weeks per scroll, plus 10 weeks more after all scrolls are acquired to have a chance to decipher the code
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