Shotgun scenarios

Remember that evening on the pier? Two ships coming in loaded with inhuman monsters? Cargo containers shaking like unstable bombs… the full moon glaring down with cold light in the frozen night? Steel rending with a metallic scream?

That was a shotgun scenario…

— The Man in Black answers a question

A shotgun scenario is a short plan for a DG simulation. Originally, the Man in Black pictured them as "ultra-condensed descriptions of possible adventures, plot-hooks, themes, or sub plots", essentially inspirational set-pieces and plug-ins rather than RPG adventure scenarios.

Shotgun scenarios are written mostly in an annual year-end contest on the DGML, where the rules state they must be 1500 words or less. No submissions are anywhere near as short as the Man in Black's original examples, so in effect, the connotation has changed from "ultra-condensed" to just short.

Chronological index


The poll to decide on a winner received 42 votes.

  • Schrodinger's Dilemma by Jonny X. A message, possibly from the future, says a man must be killed in Washington D.C. First place. 4500 words.
  • Last Things Last by Bret Kramer. Cleanup after a deceased old-timer in the group. Equal second. 1500 words.
  • Double Dog Dare by Jeff Campbell. A nasty time loop around a Green Box. Equal second. 1700 words.
  • A Future So Bright... by Janusz A. Urbanowicz. Spy work with the White House entourage to the G8 talks at Vienna. 1500 words.
  • Operation SPRING CLEANING by Robert Lint. Unexpected signs of a life from a broken cell. 1400 words.
  • Borderline by J. Edward Tremlett. The chupacabra kills in Texas. 1500 words.

The Colour and the Shape by Rob K was submitted after the deadline and was therefore not eligible for voting. In it, USDA inspectors act strangely following deaths among cattle. 4600 words.


The poll to decide on a winner received 21 votes. The contest administrator wrote that The Tales Dead Men Tell "is 900 words over the word count, so that entry will not win unless it has more than double the votes of its nearest competitor".


The poll to decide on a winner received 42 votes.

  • Metamorphosis by Graham Kinniburgh. An encounter with another team's op that has gone terribly wrong. First place.
  • U.X.O. by Bret Kramer. Investigation of an alleged UFO crash by Saucerwatch and Delta Green. Second place.
  • Wormwood by James Haughton and Arseny Kuznetsov. A mission to purchase and destroy Mythos documents from the Russian mob leads to unexpected complications. Third place.
  • Going Under by Simon RJB. Pursuing an anarchist cult leads to a showdown in Disneyland.
  • Through the Darkness of Futures Past by Simon RJB. Mopping up the remnants of an Alaskan cult brings forth dangers from a future age.
  • Tides of Doom by Ross Payton. Terrorists seeking to use Mythos sorcery must be stopped.
  • Whichever She Was by Viktor Eikman. A suspect disappears mysteriously from a police station.


The poll to decide on a winner received 41 votes.

  • The Evidence Locker by weirmonken06. A quest to have Delta Green legitimized once more has dire consequences. First place.
  • Psych Eval by James Haughton. The responsibilities of an Agent's day job come to haunt. Second place.
  • Damaged by Graham Kinniburgh. A DG Friendly with psychic abilities is becoming a danger to those around her. Equal third.
  • Good Intentions by Bret Kramer. A do-gooder threatens the conspiracy and must be dealt with. Equal third.
  • Abduction by Brian Ridge. A flashback single-player scenario for a uniquely talented PC.
  • A Cult On The Couch by Marty Caplan. An expert on cults treads into Delta Green territory.
  • Burn Before Reading by Ross Payton. A former Friendly is being blackmailed by an unknown party.
  • Target Verification by Chad Bowser. The agents are tasked by A Cell to eliminate a compromised DG member.

2008 was the year the Large Hadron Collider was switched on. A scenario was written in honour of the potentially universe-destroying occasion:

To commemorate Halloween 2008, list member Jon Nyx suggested a scenario writing contest with a theme of the Naica Mine Crystals. There was one entry:

  • Bad Time to Die by James Haughton. Brujos, K'n-Yan and serial killers on the US-Mexico border.


The poll to decide on a winner received 36 votes.

Memorial rules

In honor of Mark McFadden, a legendary member of the Delta Green community whose death had recently been confirmed on the DGML, Adam Crossingham wrote in the announcement for this year's contest:

1. Name dropping "McFadden" or the "Lizard King" gains entry 1 aditional vote.

2. Plots riffing cult movies gain 2 additional votes. (If you are riffing, please state how and which movies you are riffing in a second e-mail if you want to be sure to score the votes.)

3. Plots using Tcho-Fu gain entry 3 additional votes.

4. Use of “23” as a plot device and/or the surreal use of coincidences as plot gains entry 4 additional votes.

5. Plots credibly using Serpent People gain 10 additional votes. No just making the bad guy a Serpent Man! If the bad guy is a Serpent Man, the plot should reflect this as well.

6. If an entry meets LKM rules 1-5, they will score 23 additional votes instead of 20.

7. My decision on an entry’s eligibility for extra votes is final.


The contest for 2010 was actually held in early 2011. The poll to decide on a winner received 36 votes.

  • Let's Learn Aklo by James Haughton. Multiple deaths at a community centre exist in a loop. First place. 2400 words (plus 400 words for stats).
  • Special Agent by Bret Kramer. A Delta Green cell is debriefed by a man the agents are later ordered to track down. Second place. 1500 words.
  • God Wills It Thus by David M Jacobs. Evelyn Waugh's black magic in Northern Ireland. Third place. 1500 words (plus 500 words for stats and references).
  • Drifting by Viktor Eikman. The Drifting Classroom (1972) plugged into Delta Green. 1300 words.
  • Fimbulvinter by Simon Brake. Ithaqua extends its reach through rock 'n' roll. 1500 words.
  • Integratron by Jason Graham. FBI agents investigate a power surge in California. 1500 words.
  • Train 198 to Churchill, Manitoba by Viktor Eikman. An M-EPIC scenario tying into Dead Letter (Delta Green: Countdown). 1400 words.


The contest for 2011 was held in March and April of 2012. It was announced by list member David March without support from the makers of DG, as there had been no official contest for 2011. The poll to decide on a winner received a record 49 votes.

  • Agent Purple's Green Box Blues by James Haughton. A Delta Green agent fakes Mythos activity in order to avoid confronting Mythos activity. Only winner. 1200 words.
  • Dawn of the Lambs by Davide Ferrari. A former agent must be silenced before he reveals the conspiracy. 600 words.
  • Dreams of a Memory by Ross Payton. An article is flagged as dangerous for a reason the conspiracy no longer understands. 1100 words.
  • A Fork in Project FLIPSIDE by Viktor Eikman. A legitimate experiment in physics, on commission by Project REDLIGHT. 1500 words.
  • Hospital of Horror by Chase W. Beck. A mutated Shan causes Alien-style havoc in a hospital. 1700 words.
  • The Man in Black by Chris Huth. A sinister figure steals identities in order to replace his own vanished self. 1200 words.
  • A Piece of Jade by David March. A minor occultist is killed by a mail-order item. 1200 words.
  • Special Bonus Super Happy Fun April 1st Scenario: A Night at the Opera by James Haughton.


The contest for 2012 began in December and ended in January 2013. It was announced by list member Bret Kramer. Submissions were to be anonymous until the results came in. The theme was ”the Maya”; scenarios making use of Mayan culture would win in the event of a tie in voting. The administrator announced that it was up to the individual voters to (detect and) decide for themselves whether a submission broke the rules.

  • Holding Cell by Bret Kramer. A single agent is required to interrogate a victim of Ghatanothoa. First place. 1500 words.
  • Publish or Perish by Michael Daumen. A scholar changes history by rewriting a Mayan codex. Second place. 1500 words.
  • El Camino del Diablo by Chase Beck. Mass murder on the Mexico/U.S. border. Third place. 1900 words (600 more for stats).
  • Cohort by Viktor Eikman. PISCES fears an army of puppets. 1400 words (200 more for stats).
  • Mother's Brew by David Tormsen. Suggestive patterns in seemingly random deaths lead to Mexico. 1500 words.
  • Dream Cruise (Operation ONEIROI) by Owen Guthrie. An apocalyptic Disney cruise. 1500 words (not counting dashes added in formatting by Bret Kramer, or the splitting of Tcho-Tcho into "Tcho Tcho").


The contest for 2013 ran from October to the end of the year. It was announced by list member Viktor Eikman. As in the previous year, submissions were to be anonymous until the results came in. As in 2006, it was announced that entries longer than 1500 words would be permitted but penalized.

  • Secret Shopper by Ed Possing. The decline of the brick-and-mortar book store is avenged on Black Friday. First place. 1500 words.
  • I Hate My Job by Owen Guthrie. A man with a bomb takes a kindergarten class hostage in Seattle. Second place (divided). 1500 words.
  • Standard Deviation by Bret Kramer. A meeting with a radio astronomer at a scientific conference. Second place (divided). 1250 words.
  • Hoard by Viktor Eikman. Incidents in and around the home of two compulsive hoarders in Pasadena. 1400 words.
  • Black Lilith by Mark Brassington. A series of women act out in New York. 1150 words.
  • Son of This by Viktor Eikman. MI-13 talent recruiters are caught in the Egyptian revolt of 1919. 450 words.
  • Spawn Toss by Viktor Eikman. A hurricane drops something in Florida. 200 words.


The contest for 2014 ran from October to the end of the year. It was announced by list member Ed Possing. As in the previous year, submissions were initially anonymous and entries longer than 1500 words were permitted but penalized.

  • Polybius by Viktor Eikman. Two children disappear after long hours playing an arcade game in 1981. First place. 1500 words.
  • First Hand Accounts by Eric Rodriguez. Agents infiltrate a mythos self-help group. Second place. 1500 words.
  • Straight Outta Crompton by Bret Kramer. Agents investigate a paranoid hip-hop artist. Third place. 1500 words.
  • Ad Tempus by John Williams. A time traveler goes back in time to kill himself before he can invent time travel. 1050 words.
  • The Silent Service by Jaron Bernstein. A U.S. Navy historian uncovers his father's secret past. 1150 words.
  • Radio Silence by Kenneth Scroggins. As technology degrades so do the agents. 5100 words.
  • Project Paper Tiger by Jarad Obermeyer. A vengeful Japanese spirit yearns to wreak havoc on the world. 1500 words.
  • When the Greys Pushed Back by Shannon Mac. Our story begins at the end of the world. 1425 words.
  • Special Delivery by Tyler Hudak. A dangerous artifact is in the hands of a disgruntled postal worker. 1500 words.
  • Safe House, Dark by Jon Hook. Agents must clear a CIA safe house of incriminating evidence, but an entity in the house has other plans. 2250 words.
  • The Franciscan File by Max Muhaffa. Delta Green agents are in a race against Majestic-12 to determine the source of a mysterious sickness. 1375 words.
  • Out of Mind..Out of Time... by Burgolf. The Mi-Go control an agent's reality. 1925 words.
  • A Tale From The Mukhabarat Basement by Jaron Bernstein. Cosmic horror is released by the study of kabbalistic books. 880 words.


Submissions for the 2015 contest were accepted until the end of the year 2015. Voting began Jan 1st, 2016. The contest was announced by list member Ed Possing.


Submissions for the 2016 contest will be accepted until December 10th. Voting will end December 31st at 11:59 PM CST. All submissions will remain anonymous until the winner's are announced at contest's end. This year's Delta Green Shotgun Scenario Contest was announced and administered by Ed Possing.

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