Shotgun scenarios

Remember that evening on the pier? Two ships coming in loaded with inhuman monsters? Cargo containers shaking like unstable bombs… the full moon glaring down with cold light in the frozen night? Steel rending with a metallic scream?

That was a shotgun scenario…

— The Man in Black answers a question

A shotgun scenario is a short plan for a DG simulation. Originally, the Man in Black pictured them as "ultra-condensed descriptions of possible adventures, plot-hooks, themes, or sub plots", essentially inspirational set-pieces and plug-ins rather than RPG adventure scenarios.

Shotgun scenarios are written mostly in an annual year-end contest on the DGML, where the rules state they must be 1500 words or less. No submissions are anywhere near as short as the Man in Black's original examples, so in effect, the connotation has changed from "ultra-condensed" to just short.

Advice and tools

Here is a non-exhaustive list of advice, instructions, templates, and random generators to help Handlers write their own Shotgun Scenarios:

Copyright status

The copyright status of Delta Green material in general and non-commercial fan publications is described in the official FAQ. On that page you will find an official notice to be appended to “each web page that makes use of Delta Green characters and settings”, including those in shotgun scenarios. Any paid or commercial product that uses Delta Green, including any commercial republication of any shotgun scenario, must be separately and specifically licensed from the Delta Green Partnership as well as the author.

Please seek permission directly from the author even for non-commercial republication and translation online. Where permission is granted, please note, in each scenario’s article on the Fairfield Project wiki, where it has been published.

In the interest of simplifying this process, when you submit a scenario to the annual contest, please use your real name and supply contact details to be made public with your submission once the contest is over. By default, authors are assumed not to want their email addresses made public in this way.

Chronological index


The poll to decide on a winner received 42 votes.

  • Schrodinger's Dilemma by Jonny X. A message, possibly from the future, says a man must be killed in Washington D.C. First place. 4500 words.
  • Last Things Last by Bret Kramer. Cleanup after a deceased old-timer in the group. Equal second. 1500 words.
  • Double Dog Dare by Jeff Campbell. A nasty time loop around a Green Box. Equal second. 1700 words.
  • A Future So Bright... by Janusz A. Urbanowicz. Spy work with the White House entourage to the G8 talks at Vienna. 1500 words.
  • Operation SPRING CLEANING by Robert Lint. Unexpected signs of a life from a broken cell. 1400 words.
  • Borderline by J. Edward Tremlett. The chupacabra kills in Texas. 1500 words.

The Colour and the Shape by Rob K was submitted after the deadline and was therefore not eligible for voting. In it, USDA inspectors act strangely following deaths among cattle. 4600 words.


The poll to decide on a winner received 21 votes. The contest administrator wrote that The Tales Dead Men Tell "is 900 words over the word count, so that entry will not win unless it has more than double the votes of its nearest competitor".


The poll to decide on a winner received 42 votes.

  • Metamorphosis by Graham Kinniburgh. An encounter with another team's op that has gone terribly wrong. First place.
  • U.X.O. by Bret Kramer. Investigation of an alleged UFO crash by Saucerwatch and Delta Green. Second place.
  • Wormwood by James Haughton and Arseny Kuznetsov. A mission to purchase and destroy Mythos documents from the Russian mob leads to unexpected complications. Third place.
  • Going Under by Simon RJB. Pursuing an anarchist cult leads to a showdown in Disneyland.
  • Through the Darkness of Futures Past by Simon RJB. Mopping up the remnants of an Alaskan cult brings forth dangers from a future age.
  • Tides of Doom by Ross Payton. Terrorists seeking to use Mythos sorcery must be stopped.
  • Whichever She Was by Viktor Eikman. A suspect disappears mysteriously from a police station.


The poll to decide on a winner received 41 votes.

  • The Evidence Locker by weirmonken06. A quest to have Delta Green legitimized once more has dire consequences. First place.
  • Psych Eval by James Haughton. The responsibilities of an Agent's day job come to haunt. Second place.
  • Damaged by Graham Kinniburgh. A DG Friendly with psychic abilities is becoming a danger to those around her. Equal third.
  • Good Intentions by Bret Kramer. A do-gooder threatens the conspiracy and must be dealt with. Equal third.
  • Abduction by Brian Ridge. A flashback single-player scenario for a uniquely talented PC.
  • A Cult On The Couch by Marty Caplan. An expert on cults treads into Delta Green territory.
  • Burn Before Reading by Ross Payton. A former Friendly is being blackmailed by an unknown party.
  • Target Verification by Chad Bowser. The agents are tasked by A Cell to eliminate a compromised DG member.

2008 was the year the Large Hadron Collider was switched on. A scenario was written in honour of the potentially universe-destroying occasion:

To commemorate Halloween 2008, list member Jon Nyx suggested a scenario writing contest with a theme of the Naica Mine Crystals. There was one entry:

  • Bad Time to Die by James Haughton. Brujos, K'n-Yan and serial killers on the US-Mexico border.


The poll to decide on a winner received 36 votes.

Memorial rules

In honor of Mark McFadden, a legendary member of the Delta Green community whose death had recently been confirmed on the DGML, Adam Crossingham wrote in the announcement for this year's contest:

1. Name dropping "McFadden" or the "Lizard King" gains entry 1 aditional vote.

2. Plots riffing cult movies gain 2 additional votes. (If you are riffing, please state how and which movies you are riffing in a second e-mail if you want to be sure to score the votes.)

3. Plots using Tcho-Fu gain entry 3 additional votes.

4. Use of “23” as a plot device and/or the surreal use of coincidences as plot gains entry 4 additional votes.

5. Plots credibly using Serpent People gain 10 additional votes. No just making the bad guy a Serpent Man! If the bad guy is a Serpent Man, the plot should reflect this as well.

6. If an entry meets LKM rules 1-5, they will score 23 additional votes instead of 20.

7. My decision on an entry’s eligibility for extra votes is final.


The contest for 2010 was actually held in early 2011. The poll to decide on a winner received 36 votes.

  • Let's Learn Aklo by James Haughton. Multiple deaths at a community centre exist in a loop. First place. 2400 words (plus 400 words for stats).
  • Special Agent by Bret Kramer. A Delta Green cell is debriefed by a man the agents are later ordered to track down. Second place. 1500 words.
  • God Wills It Thus by David M Jacobs. Evelyn Waugh's black magic in Northern Ireland. Third place. 1500 words (plus 500 words for stats and references).
  • Drifting by Viktor Eikman. The Drifting Classroom (1972) plugged into Delta Green. 1300 words.
  • Fimbulvinter by Simon Brake. Ithaqua extends its reach through rock 'n' roll. 1500 words.
  • Integratron by Jason Graham. FBI agents investigate a power surge in California. 1500 words.
  • Train 198 to Churchill, Manitoba by Viktor Eikman. An M-EPIC scenario tying into Dead Letter (Delta Green: Countdown). 1400 words.


The contest for 2011 was held in March and April of 2012. It was announced by list member David March without support from the makers of DG, as there had been no official contest for 2011. The poll to decide on a winner received a record 49 votes.

  • Agent Purple's Green Box Blues by James Haughton. A Delta Green agent fakes Mythos activity in order to avoid confronting Mythos activity. First place. 1200 words.
  • Dawn of the Lambs by Davide Ferrari. A former agent must be silenced before he reveals the conspiracy. 600 words.
  • Dreams of a Memory by Ross Payton. An article is flagged as dangerous for a reason the conspiracy no longer understands. Third place. 1100 words.
  • A Fork in Project FLIPSIDE by Viktor Eikman. A legitimate experiment in physics, on commission by Project REDLIGHT. 1500 words.
  • Hospital of Horror by Chase W. Beck. A mutated Shan causes Alien-style havoc in a hospital. 1700 words.
  • The Man in Black by Chris Huth. A sinister figure steals identities in order to replace his own vanished self. Second place. 1200 words.
  • A Piece of Jade by David March. A minor occultist is killed by a mail-order item. 1200 words.
  • Special Bonus Super Happy Fun April 1st Scenario: A Night at the Opera by James Haughton.


The contest for 2012 began in December and ended in January 2013. It was announced by list member Bret Kramer. Submissions were to be anonymous until the results came in. The theme was ”the Maya”; scenarios making use of Mayan culture would win in the event of a tie in voting. The administrator announced that it was up to the individual voters to (detect and) decide for themselves whether a submission broke the rules. The poll to decide on a winner received 28 votes.

  • Holding Cell by Bret Kramer. A single agent is required to interrogate a victim of Ghatanothoa. First place. 1500 words.
  • Publish or Perish by Michael Daumen. A scholar changes history by rewriting a Mayan codex. Second place. 1500 words.
  • El Camino del Diablo by Chase Beck. Mass murder on the Mexico/U.S. border. Third place. 1900 words (600 more for stats).
  • Cohort by Viktor Eikman. PISCES fears an army of puppets. 1400 words (200 more for stats).
  • Mother's Brew by David Tormsen. Suggestive patterns in seemingly random deaths lead to Mexico. 1500 words.
  • Dream Cruise (Operation ONEIROI) by Owen Guthrie. An apocalyptic Disney cruise. 1500 words (not counting dashes added in formatting by Bret Kramer, or the splitting of Tcho-Tcho into "Tcho Tcho").


The contest for 2013 ran from October to the end of the year. It was announced by list member Viktor Eikman. As in the previous year, submissions were to be anonymous until the results came in. As in 2006, it was announced that entries longer than 1500 words would be permitted but penalized. The poll to decide on a winner received 29 votes.

  • Secret Shopper by Ed Possing. The decline of the brick-and-mortar book store is avenged on Black Friday. First place. 1500 words.
  • I Hate My Job by Owen Guthrie. A man with a bomb takes a kindergarten class hostage in Seattle. Second place (divided). 1500 words.
  • Standard Deviation by Bret Kramer. A meeting with a radio astronomer at a scientific conference. Second place (divided). 1250 words.
  • Hoard by Viktor Eikman. Incidents in and around the home of two compulsive hoarders in Pasadena. 1400 words.
  • Black Lilith by Mark Brassington. A series of women act out in New York. 1150 words.
  • Son of This by Viktor Eikman. MI-13 talent recruiters are caught in the Egyptian revolt of 1919. 450 words.
  • Spawn Toss by Viktor Eikman. A hurricane drops something in Florida. 200 words.


The contest for 2014 ran from October to the end of the year. It was announced by list member Ed Possing. As in the previous year, submissions were initially anonymous and entries longer than 1500 words were permitted but penalized. The poll to decide on a winner received 39 votes.

  • Polybius by Viktor Eikman. Two children disappear after long hours playing an arcade game in 1981. First place. 1500 words.
  • First Hand Accounts by Eric Rodriguez. Agents infiltrate a mythos self-help group. Second place. 1500 words.
  • Straight Outta Crompton by Bret Kramer. Agents investigate a paranoid hip-hop artist. Third place. 1500 words.
  • Ad Tempus by John Williams. A time traveler goes back in time to kill himself before he can invent time travel. 1050 words.
  • The Silent Service by Jaron Bernstein. A U.S. Navy historian uncovers his father's secret past. 1150 words.
  • Radio Silence by Kenneth Scroggins. As technology degrades so do the agents. 5100 words.
  • Project Paper Tiger by Jarad Obermeyer. A vengeful Japanese spirit yearns to wreak havoc on the world. 1500 words.
  • When the Greys Pushed Back by Shannon Mac. Our story begins at the end of the world. 1425 words.
  • Special Delivery by Tyler Hudak. A dangerous artifact is in the hands of a disgruntled postal worker. 1500 words.
  • Safe House, Dark by Jon Hook. Agents must clear a CIA safe house of incriminating evidence, but an entity in the house has other plans. 2250 words.
  • The Franciscan File by Max Muhaffa. Delta Green agents are in a race against Majestic-12 to determine the source of a mysterious sickness. 1375 words.
  • Out of Mind..Out of Time... by Burgolf. The Mi-Go control an agent's reality. 1925 words.
  • A Tale From The Mukhabarat Basement by Jaron Bernstein. Cosmic horror is released by the study of kabbalistic books. 880 words.


Submissions for the 2015 contest were accepted until the end of the year 2015. Voting began Jan 1st, 2016. The contest was announced by list member Ed Possing. The poll to decide the winners received 28 votes.

  • Die Nachtbrüder by Chris Huth. A dying former agent seeks one last favour from the Group. First place.
  • Burner by Ross Payton. Retail workers are caught in the aftermath of a botched op. Second place.
  • Remote by Scott Butler. Agents provide drone support for Navy SEALs stalked in enemy territory. Third place (shared).
  • Enchanted, I'm Sure by Anthony Lee-Dudley. A dark secret lurks beneath a New Mexico boomtown. Third place (shared).
  • 149 by Jared Obermeyer. What's in the box?! Rocks.
  • The Xocho Locker by David Tormsen. The King in Yellow infects pop music.
  • Vacation In Shades of Gray & Green by Darren Priddy. An Agent's loved one is used as collateral for Great Race extortion.
  • No Return Ticket by Jay Dugger. An Agent has been eaten by the monster, but doesn't know it yet.
  • The Unclean by Chad Bowser. A Russian spirit targets victims of human trafficking.
  • Operation BLIND TIGER by Lex. WW2-era Delta Green raids a Karotechia stronghold, but the enemy knows they're coming.
  • There And Back Again by Lex. A missing Friendly has resurfaced after 16 years.
  • Withdrawals by Andrew Harshman. A Mythos-influenced Agent must be detoxed and debriefed.


The 2016 Delta Green Shotgun Scenario Contest was announced and administered by Ed Possing. Submissions for the contest were accepted until December 10th. Voting ended December 31st. All submissions remained anonymous until the winner's were announced at contest's end. The poll to decide the winner received 31 votes.

  • The Third Man Factor by William Schar. Sympatico former Agent brain canister must protected from the Opposition. First Place.
  • Foxed and Hounded by Bret Kramer. Former Fate operative seeks security in exchange for assets of interest, but he's doomed. Equal Second.
  • The Button by Will Roy. Electrical prototype causes existential breakdowns. Equal Second.
  • Jessica's Bodies by David Tormsen. Love and hyper-geometry shouldn't mix.
  • LOOP by Helena. After stopping a ritual successfully, the Agents are caught in a time loop.
  • The Sintered Man Cometh by Viktor Eikman. Chinese workers petition the Mythos to cure economic disparity.
  • No Good Deed... by Dave. The Karotechia wants their book back, or they'll kill the kids.
  • Woodhull's Social Ale House by Jason Woodward. Investigation into Green Box thefts leads to a spook bar.
  • Emissary of Madness by Eric Reiner. Clean up after a botched Federal raid on a cult compound.
  • Enemy of the Tribes by David Tormsen. Iraq War veterans are marked for death by desert monsters.
  • Lights on a Hill by Will Hinds. A missing realtor found with a mouth full of sand leads to a stake-out.
  • Christmas Mourning by Will Hinds. Kids contend with unwelcome holiday guests.
  • The Inevitable by Kyle Thompson. Mass shooting leads to online apocalypse cult.
  • Do Not View by Trung Bui. The source of a Y’gonolac summoning VHS tape must be neutralized.
  • Snakes on a Plane by mellonbread. Serpent Men hijack a plane.
  • Project Anthropocene by Ethan Cordray. A billionaire is sailing an iceberg to Australia, but there's something Wrong inside.
  • Frozen Arrow by Jean-Marc "Tolkraft" CHOSEROT. In 1968, a B-52 bomber with nukes crashes in Greenland near known cult territory.
  • Will to Cremate/PROJECT CAVEAT by Christopher Watson. The leadership of a DG shell company is unstable…and infected.
  • Treasure Hunt by Tristan Gross. Delta Green stages a heist on a floundered narco-sub.
  • Honey Boo! Boo! by Gil Cruz. Black lotus laced honey is pulling Californians into the Dreamlands.
  • RED MARKET by Nicholas Brown. Sorceror-priest's preserved organs sold on the black market possess recipients.
  • Heurist by Nicholas Brown. Non-euclidian geometries terrorize Nebraska town.
  • SELF PRESERVATION by Eric Parsonage. Hallucination causes misunderstanding.
  • Me, Myself, and You by Lex. A Friendly with a split personality is building a Tilinghast Resonator under a museum.
  • BESTOW by Ross Payton. Art gallery hypercube leads to alternate universes.
  • Abort, Retry, Ignore, Fail? by QuickreleasePersonalitY. Agents are burned, but why?
  • Case HAMSTER DIAMOND by Moe Lane. Possessed professor kidnaps children's book author for nefarious ends.
  • Overshadowed by Eduardo Rojas. A stone heart, an empty Green Box, a street gang turf war, and a sorcerer.
  • Operation Prospero by Stuart Fieldhouse. Agents must raid a shady research lab in the Bahamas before a hurricane hits.


Submissions for the 2017 contest were accepted through December 9th, 2017. Voting took place from December 10th to Midnight December 31st, 2017. The contest was announced by list member Ed Possing. The poll to decide the winners received 73 votes.


Submissions for the 2018 contest will be accepted through December 8th, 2018. Voting will take place from December 9th to Midnight December 31st, 2018. The contest was announced by list member Ed Possing.

  • Rendezvous in Rama or "Beauty is in the Eye of the Beholder" by Marco Menarini. In Rama California, what you can’t see can kill you. First Place (shared).
  • Mairzy Doats by James Estes. Agents are tasked with cleaning up the strange consequences of sloppy genetic engineering. First Place (shared).
  • Yummy Yummy In My Tummy by InterstellarOwl. A German anti-mythos team has a tastelessly brutal discovery in the Black Forest. Third Place.
  • Don't Forget by Colleen Sellay. A note, a photograph, and a promise for the return of the agents' stolen memories hang in the balance of one last chance to prove themselves. Handler's Choice Award.
  • Sonata for Snow by Karl Lloyd. Eerie music echoing through the Rockies leads to Zann's lost Violoncello. 4th Place Honorable Mention.
  • My Big Fat Deep One Wedding by mellonbread. A Delta Green Agent is unwittingly betrothed to a clan of aquatic humanoids. 5th Place Honorable Mention.
  • Love Love Drama Club by Ian Weeber. A video game tears apart a small town as the Agents try to deal with the fallout.
  • Cancer Cell by Sebastian Lindeberg. Can the cell hold out in a safe house against enemies without and within? And when help arrives, how can they trust it?
  • It Does a Body Good by James Burns. Agents investigate abnormal activity at elementary school which leads them to a horrible discovery.
  • Operation COLD BOOK / Against All Odds by threethreethree. In which the Agents clean Las Vegas of the evidence.
  • Operation BLUE VELVET by Ian Weeber. Three Little Grays walk into Roswell during a UFO Festival, and then it all goes down hill from there.
  • GEMINI by Helena. Identical bodies found in the woods lead the Agents to a doting mother.
  • End of the World of the End by Jake “ChiefMcClane” Cook. In the far apocalyptic future, Agents fight to return to the present and undo the events that led to The End.
  • CAGED HEAT by mellonbread. Delta Green recruits a handful of prisoners to deal with a problem on the inside.
  • WINTER PEPPER by mellonbread. SV8 Assets in the GDR worry that their madness may have supernatural origins.
  • The Pink Men Made Him Do It by mellonbread. A faith healer reminds his disciples that the Lord giveth and the Lord taketh away.
  • Gathering the Magic by Jake “ChiefMcClane” Cook. Agents hunt a criminal trading card game master and insane thief-wizard of Yog-Sothoth.
  • EXHUMED by Nicholas Brown.
  • Dead on Arrival by Nicholas Brown.
  • THE CAGE by Nicholas Brown.
  • The Parlor by the Man in Black . Spiders from darker dreams crawl across the dark web.
  • Cat's Paws by David Tormsen. An investigation into an animal research facility is more than it seems as several Agents have been possessed by operatives of a foreign government.
  • Off Euclid Avenue by William Schar. A man identical to a Black Lives activist is arrested in a home invasion. How did he get here? Does he have anything to do with recent disappearances?
  • A Silence of Three Parts by William Schar. A "deaf" boy leads agents to apocalyptic threats Delta Green cannot detect.
  • Now You See Me by Jake “ChiefMcClane” Cook. An Agent must confront the most dangerous enemy possible: themself.
  • Promises by Jon Hook. A septuagenarian convict has finally agreed to cooperate with Federal authorities, but his claims seem unlikely, impossible, and inhuman.
  • Visions Too Real by Lucas Furstenau. A smart drug and a meditation app lead to a coincidence with deadly consequences.
  • Operation PEAK DHOLE (Or) Camp Fairfield by Dhole. The Program closes in on a house with a violent history intertwined with the leadership of Delta Green.
  • Protect Me From the Enemy, Myself by Aaron Vanek. A wicked opera that’s FUBAR from the start.
  • Outside in the Cold Distance by William Schar. Sometimes an agent become a monster to kill a monster.
  • Single Origin by Christopher Lee. A specialist coffee roastery gets the wrong type of beans; one scenario, three different outcomes.
  • Pro Ana by Frans Witting. A Color out of space, and a few humans, prey on anorexic teenagers.
  • The Book Club by Ross Payton. A bank robbery investigation leads to an unlikely cabal of sorcerers in this introductory scenario for characters not yet in Delta Green.
  • Calls to the Dead by Alex Costello. Delta Green investigates when mysterious murders start striking a town that is still reeling from a terrible tragedy.
  • Full Scale by Liam Allman. GRU SV-8 must contend with an Unnatural incarnation of a dangerous street drug.
  • Synchronized Watches by Liam Allman. A crew of hapless bank robbers steal from a Green Box and reap the consequences.
  • Dreams in the Fish House by magnificentophat. Agents must investigate the literal disappearance of three other Agents in a spooky aquarium.
  • In the Wake of Gods by Aaron Vanek. Preventing other-worldly deities from breaking into our reality still has dangerous repercussions.
  • Welcome to the Island by Lex. An unfinished ritual, a legacy best forgotten, and the family that won’t let the past die.
  • Operation WHITE HARE by zomner. A drug deal gone bad, with the dangerous product missing.
  • Operation SECRET SANTA by Sarah Szell. It is the Yuletide, and with Christmas looming, the agents are ordered to protect a friendly and her daughter from a menacing, manipulative Santa Claus.
  • Heartless Bastard by Dominik Zieliński. Mysterious murder uncovers grisly scavenger hunt to bring back the loved one.
  • UNACKNOWLEDGED by Karl Parakenings. Frustrated millennials effect change, and the Agents must stop them.
  • To the Tune of "Greensleeves" by James Estes. A Friendly will rejoin Delta Green if Agents can keep his family safe from the power of music.
  • THAT DECEIT SHOULD STEAL SUCH GENTLE SHAPES by Eric Jeitner. Agents must stop a parasitic threat that has infiltrated a group of trapped Cub Scouts.
  • Bloodline Miami by Turts. After a gang deal goes bad, Agents are tasked with hunting down a ferocious entity working its way through Miami.
  • The Midnight Sun by Will Roy. Avarice and murder in the Yukon unleashes something that should not be; An M EPIC investigation.
  • Initialization by nono. This two-parter lets your team play the recruitment of a new cell and watch over their first mission. Or it could start your campaign by playing veterans recruiting your new cell. The case is a gruesome small town mystery with triggered conclusion.
  • Keep An Eye On! by nono. In a world… where government agents, gangs, and cartels wage a secret war right in our towns, where a normal work day can spiral into violent madness, where any action you take could lead to catastrophe, and there is more behind the curtain than any training could ever prepare you for - would you follow your orders to the letter?
  • Sequence by nono. Part two of a two-part operation following Initialization.
  • A Heart of Gold by Joe Green.
  • Blackout by Bjorn Hansson.
  • Training Day by Doug Armstead.
  • NEXT OF KIN by Aaron Vanek. Serving a death notification to another Agent’s family is never easy. Then it gets worse.
  • Social Insecurity Administration by Turts. A friendly has sent out a distress call, but be careful so that you don't need rescuing too.
  • Once in a Lifetime by Andrew Boyd. A nervous programmer holds his children at gunpoint. To Delta Green, he's a potential asset.
  • Operation Party Time by Friederike F. Art can elicit powerful emotions. In this scenario the agents will find out just how far this can go.
  • Don't Drink the Kool-Aid by William James. Agents have to comb through a grisly scene at a cult compound before its unintended consequences make it onto the nightly news.


2019 Shotgun Contest Announcement

  • The God Under the Mountain by William Roy. A cave in the Canadian Rockies inhabited by prehistoric sea life. First Place.
  • In the Shadow of the Valley by GunmetalStuG. Agents are human. They die. They go mad. They fail. As unnatural threats mount, these outcomes have been deemed unacceptable. Second Place.
  • The Dream Merchants by mellonbread. A tiny tourist town hosts a week long festival where dreams come true. Third Place.
  • OPERATION Dropout by Jake "ChiefMcClane" Cook. Agents respond to Ft. Knox, Kentucky to intercept a Unidentified Falling Object during the midst of a US Army Reserves training exercise.
  • Wives of March by David Tormsen and mellonbread. Three wives of MAJESTIC officers take vengeance on the secret conspiracy that took away their husbands and destroyed their lives.
  • Dark Midnight, Hear My Cry by Will Schar. You are troubleshooters in the employ of the Center for the Missing Child. Your job is to find a missing teen, no matter what else you might find along the way…
  • Operation SNOW GLOBE by Padraic Barrett. A red-flagged sample at an FDA laboratory and a missing microbiologist put the Agents on the trail of a PISCES bioweapon that has been accidentally unleashed on a Midwest town.
  • True Deeptective by Michael Fox. In the Louisiana bayou, a cowboy operation from the 90s and a hundred year old raid resurface in the modern day. Can the Agents end the threat, or will they find that time is a flat circle?
  • The Moral Decision by Evan G. Colón. Delta Green needs a possibly reactive Package delivered to an organization asset, and your team has been chosen for the job. If for any reason you are unable to deliver it, you are to destroy the Package without fail.
  • Obed's Forgotten Alliance by Kevin Lama. In which our agents are tasked to investigate a happenstance discovery related to the founding of Delta Green and need to cover up the true details.
  • Operation DAYMARK by Michael Fox. Stuck on an island, the Agents must grapple with unseen forces… and each other. For 2-3 P4 Agents and one salty Handler; With Apologies to Robert Eggers.
  • T-Site 2 by Ethan Cordray. Program scientists sent to monitor a routine building demolition get caught up in the 100-year-old legacy of Crawford Tillinghast’s mad science.
  • Operation BIG STICK by mellonbread . Delta Green tracks a friendly in search of an elusive cryptid.
  • An Agent's Best Friend? by James D Burns. During a Mission, Agents access a good old dependable Green Box for a resupply, it is there that they find an ally?
  • 30-50 Feral Deer in 3-5 Minutes by IDAS. A child has gone missing on a road which nobody has record of. A search party is organized. The Agents must keep civilians safe for 48 hours.
  • Many Angles by Ross Payton. A new art exhibit transforms people into gravity warping beings.
  • Gulf of Time by Kevin Ham. Agents are tasked with investigating an anomalous underwater reading picked up by early-warning hydrophones in the pacific.
  • Who Killed the Case Officer? by mellonbread. Agents investigate the murder of a Delta Green Case Officer.
  • Operation TOOTHBRUSH by Jake "ChiefMcClane" Cook. A regional team of investigative divers bites into more trouble than they can chew searching for a murder weapon underwater.
  • Operation KILLJOY by Jake "ChiefMcClane" Cook. A new drug is being “dug up” in New Orleans. Delta Green Agents find themselves in the middle of a drug war.
  • Friend of the Devil by Jason Woodward. Car trouble leads the Agents to an opportune meeting in the Pine Barrens.
  • Pattern Repeat by Helena. A knitting pattern hides a computer program that can open a hole in reality.
  • Operation BUSCEMI SKATEBOARD by David Tormsen and mellonbread. Strange graffiti in a high school bathroom hints at supernatural child grooming.
  • Yomping by David Tormsen, Tetrarch, and mellonbread. A freak winter storm forces archaeologists in the Scottish Highlands to take the long way home.
  • St. Christopher's by KushTheStampede. The darker side of humanity hides in plain sight. Investigating a murder at an all-girl's school leads to deadly encounters.
  • Une nuit à l'opéra by mellonbread and William Roy. A sorcerer is fleeing to Canada to escape Delta Green. On the other side of the border, M-EPIC is waiting to apprehend him.
  • PRIVATE DECAPITATION ISN'T A BAD IDEA by zomner. Agents investigation leads up to a death metal band, whose song is too brutal for people.
  • TAKE-HOME CONTAINER by Dan D. A sudden, messy case of murderous cannibalism put a stop to the investigation of that old farmhouse. Clean up and close the case.
  • The Offal Truth by Jason Rah and Streicher Hennessy. Intelligence has observed a strange red glow at night in the Tenderloin Time processing plant. Try to STEER clear of trouble and save the citizens of Austin, TX at the same time.
  • The Truth Has Consequences by SeaTurtles. A small southwestern town is compromised by a hostile force mere days before a major festival.
  • Operation ABSOLUTE RARITY by Agent Obtuse. Someone's crowdfunding the Apocalypse. Make sure it doesn't happen.
  • Operation BETTER ANGELS by Agent Obtuse. A bizarre death in the National Quiet Zone leads to an unusual kind of cult.
  • The Slab by Chris Huth. Move a green box from point A to point B. What could be simpler?


  • Deep in the Bayou by Karl Lloyd - Swamp-folk, gumbo, guns and moonshine! First Place.
  • The (Un)Natural Man by Bird Bailey - Two men have been arrested in Trenton; or maybe the same man has been arrested twice. Second Place.
  • A Night in the Museum by Demodawg - Is an Agent’s alternate personality related to a death in the Seattle Arts Museum? Third Place.
  • Turncoat by Mack Schmaltz - A PISCES team is tasked with tracking a rogue agent in Liverpool.
  • Shiver by Alexander Keithley - A dead friendly has been found in the cold of Alaska, far from the comforts of man.
  • Safe Space by Pip Helix - Don't worry, it's ok, you won't die, I promise.
  • Home by Hank - An isolated family holds a murderous secret.
  • The Signal Smugglers by mellonbread - A new street drug tunes users in to an alien signal, with disastrous results.
  • The Thing in the Sugar Shack by mellonbread - M EPIC investigates a cattle mutilation in the Quebec backcountry.
  • Barney's Vector by Christopher Reed - Agents encounter a forgotten friendly of The Program who is about to commit a horrible mistake.
  • Oswalt's Dolls by Sebastian Lindeberg - Visions of hideous dolls causes suicides in the art community, will the agents be able to stop the dolls before it is too late?
  • Book Safari by Jaron Bernstein - Way out in Timbuktu
  • Urban Exploration by Jaron Bernstein - It seemed like a good idea at the time
  • Ship Outta Luck by Spamsolo - Delta Green intercepts a distress call that was picked up in the Bering Sea by USCG Airstation Kodiak from a ship out of time.
  • Jubilee by Mack Schmaltz - A team of Agents investigate Nazi occupied France in search of a Karotechia laboratory. What they find could change the war…
  • I Want to Break Free by Tetrarch - A secret MJ-12 weapons project runs amok.
  • A Hound of Tindalos Ate My Homework by Kevin Ham - Fast Times at Horace Mann Middle School
  • Vampires Aren’t Real by Drake Rhone - Agents respond to a reputable Friendly that thinks her hospital has a vampire problem
  • Zombies, Delta Green-Style by Lucas Furstenau - Dr. Wilson’s attempts to save his dying partner failed and are imprisoned in a barn; Delta Green agents are tasked to investigate after one of them escaped.
  • Orono Man–The Scientific Investigation of an Atypical Inhumation by James Harrison - A discovery of human remains tells of an alternate history that is still being written.
  • Class 3-B’s ESP Club by James Harrison - Four schoolchildren who weave the red thread of fate in the world's lonely places.
  • Agent Grayson’s Retirement Party by SpiritIsland - The team are tasked with "retiring" a fellow agent. But are things as simple as they seem?
  • God Day Afternoon by SpiritIsland - Someone just robbed Delta Green.The problem is we don't know who they are or what they took.
  • Complex 374-5 by Patrick Corcoran - All hell is breaking loose at a Titan II ICBM complex and a NEST team is sent in to investigate.
  • Carcinization by mellonbread - The Crab Cult kidnapped a Delta Green Agent. Go rescue them!
  • The Old Believer by mellonbread - Twenty years after the Families Without Frontiers orphanage burned, the Center For the Missing Child tracks down the one man who knows what really happened.
  • Dark Alchemies by Will Schar - Agents must interview a serial killer to track down a copycat killer, but they soon discover this is no standard mindhunter.
  • Burning like coal by Bjarke Fredskild Pedersen - Burning for the cause is not always a good thing.
  • Ring of Steel by Fuzzy - Something strange is affecting London's rough sleepers, the Section is concerned.
  • Life is Stranger by Logan Jennyc - Help a Delta Green Friendly kill a Muslim artist to make America great again!
  • Chasing Shadows by Notorious Tortellini - Agents are sent to Vegas to chase down cheaters in Sin City.
  • Death May Die by Frans Witting - Investigators are ambushed by an invulnerable elite soldier, dead set on killing them all.
  • The Contractors by Ross Payton of Role Playing Public Radio - A group of blue collar contractors guard a machine containing a monstrous threat.
  • Tarnished Gold by Franky Stein - Chasing success leads to broken dreams and an unleashed memetic virus on a college campus.
  • Operation TIN MANSION / Shrunken City '68 by Jake “ChiefMcClane” Cook - The perfect storm is brewing in Kowloon Walled City: communist police, alien-infected Brits, immortal sorcerers and their gangster followers, and Delta Green Agents.
  • Operation BOLD MARINER by PeterfromSurrey - A Green Box has been broken into, and it looks like the Agents aren't the only ones pursuing the thieves.
  • Operation BUCK RUN by Chris Cooper - The PCs must murder the a super soldier created with hypergeometric methods in the 1970s.
  • Operation Pastel Weather by Joe - Agents are dispatched to a downed "craft" in outside Omaha Nebraska while the media closes in.
  • A Salt On Cop House by Joe - In Olympia Washington FEMA has instituted martial law and the National Guard has surrounded the city. A virulent plague runs rampant and players are offered a deal they can't refuse.
  • Shower Gel by Joe - Agents relieve a Secret Service detail for a politician returning from Russia. One of the passengers is a vector and agents have one hour to find out who.
  • Operation Brawndo by Joe - Agents are dispatched to the Arecibo Observatory in the devastating wake of hurricane Maria. A program friendly transmitted an alarming signal and hasn't been heard from since.
  • Driftbone by Crazon - A series of bone-less, yet living human bodies are discovered across various parks in Portland, Maine.
  • Full Blue Moon / What Time is it? It's Tooth Hurty by Jake “ChiefMcClane” Cook - November 1st, 2020. 0100 hours. The Full Blue Moon hangs over Halloween and All Saints’ Day as Daylight savings approaches: at 0200 clocks roll back to 0100. The worst hour of the Agents’ life is on repeat.
  • Shared Brilliance by Chris Wilkins - The ritualistic suicide of a multi-millionaire sends the Agents on the hunt for a mad artist, whose work has tapped into the mad realm of Carcosa.
  • We Must Secure the Existence of Our People and A Future for White Ape Children by Frahnk - A white supremacist is hunting men in the forests of Washington. In desperation, a primatologist turns to Delta Green to protect her son and her partner.
  • Voices of Reason by aqsalose - Science podcaster hosts a guest with a mathematical theory of life and consciousness that makes too much sense.
  • Best Used By by Forrest S. B. - When Delta Green needs to collect contaminated meat, you're better off having a salad
  • Operation LAMP / Better Living Through Modern TopHat by Joe - “If you don't interfere with me, I'll always do something good.” -John Malkovich
  • Operation Minoan Augur by Agent Obtuse - Why has an axe-murderer in a spacesuit just hacked to death a retired astronaut?
  • Case Exfield Cakewalk by Agent Obtuse - PISCES needs some artifacts "liberated" from a museum. Hilarity potentially ensues
  • Operation CARGO CULTURE by Jake “ChiefMcClane” Cook - Pirates, sailors, rescuers, Delta Green, and the Mythos converge on a multipurpose vessel in a chaotic, maddening disaster.
  • Operation LOCKED ROOM by Josh Knutt - Delta Green is alerted to a series of strange locked room deaths and disappearances in Yreka California after a friendly deputy puts the pieces together.
  • Operation DEEP DIG / The Thing in the Septic Tank by Jake “ChiefMcClane” Cook - Las Vegas Police on a manhunt bite off more than they can chew. A Control Group style scenario for new players.
  • Keep bumping into walls Andrew Austin - Can you survive a cat's waking nightmare…
  • Hell Takes a Holiday by Blak Kat - Delta Green Agents are called to investigate the work crew at a building under construction in New York City.
  • A Routine Audit by Matthew Hipple - A hypergeometric auditing abnormality leads Delta Green to revisit its past in a mysterious DoD facility.
  • Frost Bite by mellonbread - A cannibalistic murder in a postwar gulag draws GRU SV8 into the frozen wastes of the Soviet Far East.
  • Operation Immaculate Annihilation by Samuel Sirkel - Every year, as billions gather in celebration of His Birth, He attempts to be born again. Agents Gold, Frankincense and Myrrh find themselves tasked with stopping just such an occurrence.
  • No Time Like the Future by George Kavallos - The secret behind a mysterious placeholder website called is suddenly revealed, when people find out it contains information humans were never supposed to see.
  • Eat, Pray, Love by magnificentophat and Lithobraker - An uptick in cannibalistic violence reveals an insidious evil at the local drive-through
  • Back In The Day by Lex - An old Opera, long thought dealt with, comes back to haunt the new generation.
  • Operation GOODBURGER by Lex- An endless supply of food, and nightmares.
  • OP EV ICE by James Pitt - One-way mirrors bounce Agents toward the chaos at the heart of everything.
  • ANTEDILUVIAN JACKANAPE by Aqualung - Cavemen must face a ghastly threat in Doggerland.
  • King Of The Concrete Jungle by Lex - An ancient race of brutally savage creatures has arrived in Portland, and must be stopped before they escape the zoo.
  • The Stars Are Right for Pizza by Matthew Hipple - The gang explores a cultish pizzeria.
  • Groundbreaking Rituals by Mike Ramirez - What do enforced disappearances and magical environmental destruction have in common?
  • Operation Traitor's Gate by Agent Obtuse - Urgent extraction required for a Case Officer with vital information
  • Moving Underground by Agent Obtuse - This episode we interview a guy who knows all about monsters! Don't forget to hammer that like button! (PX-Penumbra)
  • "Dipstick Manger" by Agent Obtuse - Australian psychics investigate missing tourists in the Outback (an ESPER scenario)
  • FATEful Findings by zomner - A writer with dangerous information survives a fatal accident.
  • Search and Hunt by PretendingToBeZach - A Delta Green agent made contact desperately seeking extraction, but not for him.
  • Buyer Beware / Thompson’s Terrific Transmogrifying Tincture! by Sammy Bravo, AKA, Agent EpicPartyGuy - A new fitness supplement has been having a strange side effect on its users, in the form of altered DNA, growth beyond human norms, and additional limbs.
  • Operation Behandling Phantasm by Agent Obtuse - A hostage crisis may not be as it seems…
  • The Babysitters Club by John Eichhorn - In which our protagonists participate in a raid and take a "child" to "safety".


This year's contest was run and hosted on google docs. The source repository can be found here.

Winner: There are no winners in the 2021 Shotgun Scenario contest. Widespread voting fraud and cheating of the system in place cast too much doubt as to which votes were legitimate. A stronger system will be in place for 2022. Thank you to everyone who submitted, and to everyone who put in a fair vote for their favorites.

The following are presented in order of submission.

  1. Deep Fiction by Sebastian Lindeberg - The agents go undercover and must dismantle a mythos conspiracy from the inside.
  2. At The Bottom by Deer- There's only so much time to finish what another agent started.
  3. Locus of Control by The One- Players are abducted by Greys! They must escape!
  4. Insane in the Membrane by Purrs- The agents wake up in a hellish sanatorium.
  5. Irregular Bereavement Protocols by Erik Ahlin - An unnatural finding in a  crematorium forces Delta Green to deal with strange reunions in the town of Joseph, Oregon.
  6. Who Do You Think You Are!?  I am! by John W Campbell III- Your chances of survival are Slim to Nil, and Nils just left town.
  7. Woe, Plague Be Upon Ye by Purrs- A local farmer unintentionally unleashes a biblical plague on a small town with unusual effects.
  8. Ideal Education by Martin Stackelberg- An outbreak of mental illness making people pull out their own hair shows a link back to a new educational paradigm at a local school.
  9. Lost Hallows by Aether - Agents are encased in a wintry game of survival while picking up another team's case.
  10. One Fine Mourning... by Noah C. Cline - An Agent has fallen during an ongoing campaign… Here is a shotgun style guide on how to handle it.
  11. Exposure Therapy by Hendrik - An Agent's truthfulness comes back to haunt them.
  12. Werewolf Gimmick by Backyard Kipling - Bring your heroes to the wolf's den, watch them all get crushed.
  13. Flight 719 by Eduard Cot - An ancient artifact can trigger many things, more if it’s floating in the sky.
  14. Freud's Cigar by Phillip Stokinger - Some cases are simple, they don't need to be overanalyzed, sometimes a killer is just a killer.
  15. Loup-Garou by IntrepidT - The chuck is cut, et les chiens ont faim.
  16. TOGA Party by herebetigers - Stop a cult from harvesting human energy for profit with their magical cryptocurrency.
  17. The Drove by Ross Payton - A vision of a horrific murder leads the agents to a cult operating in a pig farm.
  18. The Harvest by David Guenther - Agents must investigate the dark secrets of an idyllic prairie town.
  19. Abnormal Anatomy by Sebastian Lindeberg - Briefing: Extradimensional space. Missing agents. Investigate!
  20. Mirror Mirror by SeniorDanish - An officially sanctioned Program black site has gone dark while the facility is still in operation, the Program needs it investigated.
  21. Operation Pitchblende by Michael Daumen - There are no easy answers for agents who encounter the corpse of a living admiral.
  22. With Your Name On It by belmer11 - You don't want to be number one with a bullet…
  23. The Masque of the Red Death by Mack Schmaltz - When employees of a medical company begin turning up dead from a mysterious virus, a group of Agents are sent to figure out where it came from and how to stop it. Not all is as it seems however, as the company has a few secrets of its own to hide…
  24. The Audient Void by mellonbread- Agents receive tickets to a disturbing lecture at the Metropolitan Museum of Art.
  25. The Greater Good by Adam Seibert - Stop the oncoming apocalypse through questionable moral choices.
  26. “Say a little prayer for me” by Adam Seibert - An AI art installation is performing a ritual to summon an Elder God onto the MIT campus.
  27. Misappropriated by belmer11 - Of thousands of stolen artifacts, one has particular significance.  Who will claim it?
  28. Unsanitary conditions by Sebastian Lindeberg - The trash compactor in the apartment building on 113 Parade Street Traverse City, Michigan have thus far claimed four victims. Will it claim more?
  29. Identity Crisis by @adriangamenerd (with help from friends)- an agent disrupts their own cell’s meeting to shoot their clone who long ago infiltrated the cell - how long have they been penetrated & what wider conspiracy has been revealed?
  30. With Friends Like These by Juno - When Delta Green agents must retrieve the contents of a Green Box in Juneau, AK, a former DG friendly mistakes the agents for an unknown enemy and follows standing orders to protect the conspiracy’s secrets with his life.
  31. We Don't Talk Like We Used To by GunmetalStuG - They built the doll with love and care and dead meat. It wants to come home. Why won’t you let it come home?
  32. Snake Oil by David Guenther - A mass grave leads agents to dark scientific experiments.
  33. For What Ails You by Johannes Garm Houen - An alien trapped in an espionage device, a man who should have died 3 years ago and a March Technologies hit squad.
  34. The One That Got Away by Gil Cruz - The Agents chase a witch into the Dreamlands.
  35. Pattern Recognition by Hendrik - The Agents have to investigate the unusual decapitation of a computer science student.
  36. A Routine Audit (Redux) by Matt Hipple -  Proper paperwork alone won’t save agents from the bureaucratic labyrinth discovered deep within the Defense Department’s first audit.
  37. Silent Night by Jonathan S - The stars are right tonight and the Agents are tracking three mad men as they navigate by the light of a malignant star to the birth of something strange and terrible.
  38. The One and Only Gun Story by Abigale Isley- A scant encounter with two hundred years of human violence in a 3 pound frame.
  39. Special Delivery by David Stewart - The Agents are tasked with stealing a powerful analytics program from a March Technologies, Inc.'s shell corporation (Acuity Dynamix) in Boston, Massachusetts but conflict arises as the interests vying for control of the program collide.
  40. Alteration by Christopher DiBella- An Agent has died, but their body has gone missing. An alternative to death is revealed.
  41. Halt! Who Goes There? by Tetrarch - Bored reservists find themselves in over their heads.
  42. Hemimetabolism by mellonbread - A series of killings by spider swarms leave Delta Green nervous about future arachnid attacks.
  43. An Apple a Day by George Kavallos - They say that when something seems too good to be true, it usually is. The Delta Green Agents who are tasked with investigating the strange happenings at the "Miracle Clinic" of Northern Maine are about to find out just how true this saying is.
  44. Telling the Bees by Charles Perryman- Agents discover that some colonies probably should be allowed to collapse.
  45. Operation NIGHTFALL or Blast to the Past by Jake "ChiefMcClane" Cook - Agents find themselves the target of time-murdering snipers from the other Delta Green. Their foes are being fed information and assassination orders from a superpowered AI.
  46. To the Window, To the Quoll by Bird Bailey - A race through time as the Agents and some Grugs try to catch a time-traveling rodent.
  47. You're the Shan Now, Dog by Bird Bailey - One of PISCES cadaver dogs ate a bug, and now it's run away from home.
  48. One Too Many Nights at the Opera by Will Roy and Mr. Tex - Agents follow a missing Delta Green team through a series of false leads in small town America.
  49. When The Boat Comes In by Agent Obtuse - a PISCES investigation into a missing agent on the coast discovers an unusual tradition
  50. Operation Ask Alice by the Staggered Amusement Machine- A quantum pointcrawl through the Sedona Dreamlands
  51. Lord and Heaven by Mechristopheles - A kidnapped child, an ugly standoff and an unholy, hair trigger eschaton in the attic.
  52. A Thicc Sickness by Mechristopheles - Agents are sent to bust a cocaine delivery near Key West under a storm which hides both the delivery and something else


This year's contest was run and hosted on google docs. The source repository can be found here.

Voting was done via a Google poll with accommodations for those unable to do this. Everyone who submitted something to the contest got a chance to vote for their favorite scenarios, competing for first and second place. The people's choice award was decided by a vote open to the public.

First Place: Take the A Train by Bird Bailey

Second Place: Saturnalia by mellonbread

People's Choice: Saturnalia by mellonbread

The following are presented in order of submission.

  1. Operation IN MEDIA RES by Jonas Tintenseher- The Agents become trapped in a haunted UFO — who will escape, and who will they remember being when they do?
  2. Operation FUNERAL JAZZ by Starasp - Agents are brought in investigate a murder where the organs extracted from the victim are the same as those abandoned on the floor near the body.
  3. The Sinai Palimpsest by Jaron Bernstein- A book within a book should not be read?
  4. Moment of Impact by Fin Deeley - Agents are summoned to investigate a burglary of a Green Box and eliminate the culprit in Mid-Pandemic Atlanta.
  5. Operation TOURIST TRAP by Jake "ChiefMcClane" Cook - In a small, sleepy Tennessee River valley town, a brood of vampires is content to run the town while preying on residents of a rehab center.
  6. The Returning Lilith's Case by Adrian Ridley - A scientific foray into organic nanotech has released an ancient horror that will soon spread unless quickly contained, all while multiple forces vie for its power.
  7. Seaside Attractions by Helena - During World War 2 a team of PISCES agents are sent to a coastal resort in search of a suspected spy.
  8. The Yellow Box Podcast by Sebastian Lindeberg - Several groups of Hastur cultists compete to gain the attention of an occult podcast.
  9. Bogged Down by Dhole - Agents fall into jurisdictional mayhem over the existence of a large, (and unknown to them, hungry) floating bog on a Minnesota lake.
  10. The Rhodesian by Fin Deeley - Just as Agents are wrapping up another operation, they find themselves the target of a retired Rhodesian SAS trooper's obsessions with the Mythos.
  11. It’s Raining Men by Pavel - Downtown Valdez, Alaska: midsummer - the body fell from the sky, so say all the witnesses - falling with a dull thump, laying there in stylish high end outdoor gear.
  12. Operation FRUIT DUST by Jake "ChiefMcClane" Cook - Gang warfare in Northern Houston has a suspicious lack of bodies of homicide victims, which alarms an Operation REDBONE veteran Friendly.
  13. Hurricane Season by Fin Deeley - Abnormal weather patterns and freak storms draw the attention of Delta Green to a small Appalachian town in North Carolina.
  14. Cambrian Rhythms by Pavel - An act of highway robbery, three dead Program Operatives, a missing item - is this how it all comes toppling down?
  15. PALE by Andresito - A small-time drug dealer is caught with an old, esoteric looking book in his possession.
  16. Signs Following by Jake "ChiefMcClane" Cook - A strike at a coal mine is a secret battleground for an eons-old war between Chthonians and a Serpentfolk cult.
  17. Biodynamics by Hendrik - A pair of pseudoscientists unleash a cancer that threatens to devour the Agents.
  18. Time Shifts by Tariq Ali - In 1999, a series of mysterious disappearances at a research campus leads the players to an old enemy - one that was last seen at Operation OBSIDIAN.
  19. Christmas Bear by Robert Prince - So yeah yet another low level academic has a psychotic break and is now an active shooter - why was S-Cell activated?
  20. Behold! The Night Mare by "Tuesday 8:00" - One cold night in Colorado, the worlds of anxious cognizance, desperate pipe dreams, and dreamless sleep were suddenly pulled taut; and a pale White Horse rode forth to hunt from beyond the veil of slumber.
  21. Loopholes by jan Juta - The collapse of an apartment complex has wiped dozens from the collective memory, more concerningly your team isn't the only one who's noticed.
  22. The Sound of Sirens by MyNephew- A forgotten Green Box in a small town in the South renders night time talk radio damaging to your mental health.
  23. Ozyorsk-17 by Gotlibshtein - Another classified accident on the territory of the USSR, whose veil of secrecy the players will lift with their own hands.
  24. Gains by David Tormsen and magnificentophat - A new health drink causes unnatural mutations at a local gym.
  25. COKE ROOM by Fin Deeley - A group of partygoers are forced to survive after an invitation to party with a cokehead yuppie quickly descends into gratuitous horror.
  26. Applied Hypergeometry by Hendrik - While investigating the disappearance of a math professor's brain, the Agents stumble upon a shady R&D company.
  27. Keep on the Sunny Side by mellonbread - In the year 1936, a trio of Deep Ones kill a concentration camp guard and embark on an odyssey into the dustbowl ravaged Oklahoma countryside.
  28. MPET by Tyler F - The Program needs a group to gain leverage over a Maine congressional representative, by rescuing their son after his final message has him saying "Nodens" and speaking in Old Norse.
  29. Bugs Bugs Bugs by mellonbread - Agent GARY needs help with the bug people stalking him.
  30. Alone in a Crowded Room by Fin Deeley - Delta Green encounters agents of Project COPPER while investigating one of the Lonely.
  31. No Take, Only Throw by Jacqueline Bryk - Summary: An AWOL agent, a forgotten Green Box, and a juvenile Hound of the Angles.
  32. Material Data Safety Sheet by Ross Payton of Role Playing Public Radio - The Agents are exposed to an unnatural substance and only its material data safety sheet can save them from horrible deaths.
  33. Operation Bookkeeping by LoneWaffle - Delta Green operators must quickly travel down to the Mafia-controlled harbor in order to question a wanted man and obtain his very special book before anybody else shows up.
  34. Bad Time at the El Royale by Sam Commadeur - Time can't run out, but it can go bad.
  35. Don’t Sleep! by Baref - Lab, amnesia, you always want to sleep. One question: how do you escape from a classified facility if you are the subject?
  36. Operation Purple Dust by LowPhotojournalist6 - Italy, 1943. Agents must parachute into Operation Husky to prevent Nazis from getting close to knowing dangerous powers: immortality.
  37. Portrait of God by Fin Deeley - The agents are called to investigate the attempted kidnapping of another agent, drawing them into a torrent of madness and murder surrounding a forgery.
  38. HOLY BAY by Toortle - Visit a small French coastal village : its museum, its abandoned houses, and its weird statuette made of human bones!
  39. Redial Call by Magnum Spiritus - The murder in the television studio exposes the fact that a childhood in front of a TV takes its toll. Can ordinary people save the world from a new threat?
  40. Innsmouth Girls by Jacqueline Bryk - It's 1928. You're a daughter of Innsmouth, and you have almost nowhere left to go for help. Who do you turn to when the government is your enemy?
  41. Saturnalia by mellonbread - The flames died and the blizzard lifted, and the firefighters found a giant skeleton in the ruins.
  42. Hunter or Hunted by Alex Sun - Delta Green cells coalesce to battle Majestic-12 while the unnatural stalks them both.
  43. Carcinization (2022) by Taylor Lindberg - A scenario to answer ‘where did the 11 billion crabs go’ in 2022.
  44. Provax by David Tormsen, with thanks to Frahnk, Top Hat, amber, and Primrose.- Agents must vaccinate three families by any means necessary.
  45. EMFs At Higher Frequencies by David Tormsen, with thanks to Frahnk and less thanks but still some thanks to Top Hat - An ex-Majestic scientist is hiding out in a town taking a stand against 5G and the Woke Globalists.
  46. Mystic Hunter by Mr. Lockheart - Agents must hunt an unnatural horror across the frozen Dakota plains, before they become its next meal.
  47. Take the A Train by Bird Bailey -If you don't pay the toll, you'll have to stay in the hole.
  48. In the Shadow of His Eye by Chris Wix, @pumped4nasheeds on Twitter - A youth camp in Alaska comes under the scrutiny of a rural hermit, who attempts to alert the FBI to possible child abuse.
  49. Onomatopoeia by Z-ComiX#4117 - Agents are sent in to investigate a report from a friendly to see what goes “BUMP” in the Night.
  50. Operation Pleasant Depths by Charles Perryman - A white supremacist militia in Wisconsin is harnessing the unnatural, but who is using whom?
  51. Operation TANGERINE REMEDY by zomner - Raid on a pharmaceutical factory leads to an investigation of a drug that cures you more than it should.
  52. Cooler Heads by Staggered Amusement Machine - A Space Force guardian infected with an interstellar brain virus has taken hostages and demands to speak to MAJESTIC.
  53. Operation Green Mountain by LoneWaffle - An Incident has occurred in a secret facility somewhere in the Green Mundines, Delta Green operators are sent in to rescue their scientists before all goes to hell.


The 2023 Shotgun Scenario contest was run from November 1st, 2023 until December 15th, 2023. The original contest document can be found here:

1st place: Apoptosis by Dragoleaf

2nd place: Ideasthesia by Erik Ahlin

People's Choice: Operation CHOLLIMA BLACK by Agent HOPKINS

Scenarios are listed in order of submission.

  1. A Flame Unto My Path by Zander Ford - Agents sent to a police station find that people just won't stop spontaneously bursting into flame
  2. The Twelve Apostles by DemoDawg - Three apparent suicides, all with occult symbols carved across their chest, trigger Delta Green to delve deeper into the forgotten souls of Phoenix.
  3. Bad Blood by Dragoleaf - Sometimes a N@TO goes bad. Bullets fly, blood is spilt, good people die, shit goes FUBAR. This is one such occasion.
  4. Pliers and their uses by Sebastian Lindeberg - The agents are asked to interrogate something that looks like, but is not, human.
  5. The Cremation of Agent SAM by Fee Fi Fo Fin - One of the agents' cohort will succumb to their wounds and rise again as a mindless killer unless the agents can cremate him.
  6. The Four Story Fall by Dylan Bach - A desperate fall in four short scenes.
  7. A Real Bargain! By András Tantos - An ardent garden gnome collector makes a fateful online purchase.
  8. Government-Issued Boyfriend by Jacqueline Bryk - Your first date with Stephen Alzis, courtesy of C-Cell.
  9. For The Squatch, There Are No Heroes by Jacqueline Bryk - A former USMC Major worries about his friend.
  10. Love Will Keep Us Together by Richard Watts - Paranoia and home improvement in America's planes of plenty
  11. Homecoming by Joonas Lehtola - U.N Peacekeeper Jason Hauser returned from Afghanistan as a changed man… if you can call him that anymore.
  12. Subliminal by Hendrik - An online craze turns teenage desires into reality.
  13. Call of the Wild by Shams Sabin - Thought-extinct birds are reappearing in the Everglades- Delta Green sends in a team to figure out what's going on.
  14. Generational Trauma by BigDad - A Yithian screws up and makes it everyone's problem.
  15. Lethe by Ross Payton - Agents wake up in the mutated bodies of cultists while the cultists possess their original bodies.
  16. An Excitable Girl by Felix LeBlanc - Members of a retired iteration of F-Cell are being hunted down and beheaded.
  17. Black Buzz by Loluan/Lukas - Following the death of some petty criminals the agents find traces of old european occultism and deadly bees.
  18. Dead Meat by Sawyer Hill - A disaster 20 years in the making has crash-landed in rural Oklahoma.
  19. Corporate Contracts by Abigale Isley - A journey into deadly paranoia following the merging of Delta Green and MAJESTIC-12.
  20. 46 second preview by Erik Ahlin - Henry Nelson is an excellent soldier, exceptional killer, and a deranged hermit. What makes him truly special is that he is living in the future, right now.
  21. Los Reyes Magos by Per Holmström - Agents are sent to investigate a strange storm, and the possible death of an agent in southern Spain
  22. 'Twas the Night at the Opera by The Christmas Handler - In a Christmas tree lot tangled with eldritch enchantments, agents race to banish a malevolent being before festive cheer descends into a nightmarish abyss.
  23. Writhe by Lex Hurley - A man admits to arson but swears he didn’t kill the girl inside – the worms bursting from her stomach did.
  24. Eyes Wide Open by Sawyer Hill - Agents infiltrate a cult where everything first looks normal, what is "out of sight" is certainly not "out of mind".
  25. True Friends by Chompy Chomp - An Unnatural corruption causes Agents to manifest corpses of their definitely still alive acquaintances.
  26. Ideasthesia by Erik Ahlin - Madness truly transcends language, species, and the senses.
  27. Leslie Got Her Pain by Long Pig - A USAF Pilot grievously injured during a training flight inadvertently spreads chaos and madness over a small Airbase in rural Oklahoma.
  28. A Cold Price to Pay by Franco731 - Agents pay the bitter cold price of another's quest for unnatural knowledge.
  29. Phantom At The Opera by Dragoleaf - Nodens, Lord Of The Abyss, Gives Eternal War Against The Crawling Chaos. Join And Be Spared.
  30. I Wanna Go Home Dad by Dragoleaf - When a lowlife criminal exploits the lonely child of a distant god, Delta Green must pick up the pieces in the bloody aftermath.
  31. OPERATION BODY BAG by NathanKlas - An introductory scenario where the Agents are tasked with faking their own deaths to escape Majestic assassins.
  32. Tsnuggles by Jacqueline Bryk - If you could snuggle an elder god, would you?
  33. Operation GOATWEED by Jacqueline Bryk - Legit question: how do I handle the 30-50 feral cultists blockading my small Alaskan town?
  34. Lost Light by Loluan/Lukas - Agents get sent to investigate two bodies whose bones are broken and muscles torn through unnatural means.
  35. Operation PRE-RELEASE by Jacqueline Bryk - Escorting a case manager's family friend to an appointment ends in violence.
  36. Falcon Lake Incident by Duncan Henderson - The real events of "the world's most documented UFO sighting".
  37. Minimum Viable Population by Tuesday 8:00 - A plague for our mistakes is set upon humanity in South Florida as an annual python hunt draws the ire of the Father of Serpents.
  38. 32 Candles by Tuesday 8:00 - Three dead friendlies draw suspicion, carried out by a wizard's vision.
  39. FEAR & SCROTING IN WYOMING by Vjoltron - The hostile takeover of an A.I. start-up brings unexpected consequences.
  40. Bigger on the Inside by Gnomepunk - When a forgotten Green Box is dragged into the Night World, the ghosts of past operations resurface.
  41. IS0-L8 by Chompy Chomp - The cognitohazard secure storage 'Anomaly' light is on. Agents go in the memory hole to fix it.
  42. The Face on Witch Mountain by tommy two finger - The magic of Christmas
  43. Houston, We've Had a Problem by Holly Buteau - NASA returns to the moon for the first time in 50 years. In addition to their normal duties, Delta Green astronauts are tasked with burying a green box of items deemed too dangerous to remain on Earth.
  44. Reach for the Powder by Finley Deeley - After the police raid a stash house in Corpus Christi, Texas, they discover bizarre golden coins of unknown minting which A-Cell recognizes.
  45. Apoptosis by Dragoleaf Behold the heart of the world! Progenitor of life, Father and Mother, Alpha and Omega! Our creator… and our destroyer.
  46. Wayward Tunnels by Gigglian - Another new owner turns up dead in the house next door, so Thomas Smithward decides to get Delta Green involved.
  47. Morning-Star Over Arizona by AstroCat - A survey team uncovers a strange skeleton on Native American land, Delta Green investigates.
  48. Office Space by Chris DiBella - A Suicide and an Attempted murder at an Office building reveal a bizarrely mundane incursion.
  49. Blood and Treasure by Dave Greggs - Human traffickers converge on the LA residence of a seller of hypergeometric relics, and form a bloody lattice of crime, cult, and sacrificial psyche around a chasm beneath the San Gabriel mountains.
  50. Keep it Brief by Burrowowl - Agents are in the process of being briefed on a Delta Green operation when their handler dies.
  51. NOTHING TO DECLARE by Oliver Harrop - Agents are scrambled to uncover the reason for a Delta Green cargo plane's unexpected arrival at a civilian airport.
  52. Lifestyle Choices by Bird Bailey - The Agents have been turned on to an alleged health and wellness spa in rural Delaware claiming to have access to "high elevation therapies".
  53. The Klickitat County Fire by Pete K - Wildland firefighters unwittingly find themselves responding to the aftermath of a disastrous night at the opera.
  54. Men at Work by Austin Rode and David Stucker - Agents are hastily called to a stretch of rural highway after workers turn up a strange discovery during the course of construction.
  55. Recess by David Stucker and Austin Rode - In this 1990s MAJESTIC scenario, Agents are tasked with containing a mass UFO sighting and contact event by students and teachers at an elementary school during their recess break.
  56. Conditions of my Parole by AgentMarvin - The FBI is investigating bodies in Arizona far too close to a previous Delta Green op.
  57. Kaleidoscope by Sawyer Hill - Too many body parts and not enough bodies are found in a Vegas hotel room, Agents have to sort through the mess to figure out why.
  58. Hellhole by Alex Sun - Underneath the bustling streets of Boston, Massachusetts is an abandoned subway tunnel with a reality-warping abomination lying in wait.
  59. Terminal Lucidity by Hendrik - The Agents investigate a hospice where dreams do come true.
  60. Impossible Lamb Shanks by Tormsen - Delta Green pursues a recipe for destruction.
  61. Veritas Americae by Rhinowarlord - Delta Green agents use a group of conspiracy theorists (the players) as a proxy to investigate a group who has had previous encounters with Delta Green.
  62. In Shadows by Lex - A strange find at a thrift store unleashes a ravenous darkness.
  63. Keep on Truckin' by Charles Perryman - M-EPIC agents must track down a serial killer using ancient norse execution methods in the midst of the 2022 Freedom Convoy protests.
  64. Operation CHOLLIMA BLACK by Agent HOPKINS - A cell must infiltrate North Korea and uncover why its leader is still alive at the age of 111.
  65. The Ties that Bind Us by Sovereign - Executing a Star Chamber is a job no Agent wants. A Star Chamber with collateral damage is a disaster waiting to happen.
  66. Here Am I by Jake "ChiefMcClane" Cook - Agents investigate a Southern Baptist church to find a misplaced occult text to save the congregation before they lose themselves in cognitive dissonance.
  67. Taken by Force by Rat - A strange assault in the Port of Cherbourg leaves the US Army stumped in the aftermath of the Normandy Landings
  68. Add Loathing by ControllingCrowds - A trip to Vegas ends with the Agents stranded in the desert with an Unnatural Artifact.
  69. Jukebox by MyNephew - An Outlaw attempts to surrender a Green Box to the Program without his old Handler finding out - via the medium of analogue horror.
  70. Operation CALCIUM JIG by Splizwarf - Program Agents race against the tide and a posse of Cowboys to keep old secrets from destroying Boston.
  71. LUCIDITY by Akai - The resort town of Bridgton, Maine has been experiencing shared nightmares for months. Most ignored them at first until aspects became increasingly real.

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