Shotgun Shells

By James Haughton

The first two documents might be found by anyone investigating the Tcho Tcho from a scientific perspective (Doc 1) or an occult perspective (Doc 2).

Agents primed to shoot pudding-bowl haircut short Asians on sight will be completely blindsided by whitebread 2nd or 3rd generation Tcho Tcho, who have eaten enough of The Other White Meat to be physically indistinguishable from their Anglo-Saxon food. Not to mention bewaring the dog. Oh yeah, beware that dog.

Sigma Delta Tcho: Rumours that a Frat house is involved in the disappearance of students lead a team to a university fraternity run by white Tcho Tcho, busily chewing their way through the student population. If captured rather than killed outright, unless fed humans or thoroughly boiled food they dissolve into cancerous goop.

CSI Tcho Tcho: A police investigation into a serial rapist isn't getting anywhere. The MO is the same but the assailant's description seems to subtly change each time, as does the sperm sample, making a mockery of forensic science. And every time they have a potential suspect, he seems to have disappeared before the crime was committed, or turns up dead and dismembered after it. It's a Tcho Tcho who is eating fresh male victims between rapes (he hopes to spread the Tcho Tcho genes) so his genetic signature and appearance keep changing to partially match his previous meal(s). As the suspects (the previous meals) keep disappearing or being found dead, people start to believe that a vigilante is bringing rapists who the police can't catch to justice and he becomes a folk hero (insert Batman theme here).

Piggy in the Middle: A Tcho-Tcho child is seized and placed in care by the state. After a few months he mutates into a half-pig (pork sausages for dinner every night), attacks the carers with his new tusks and escapes.

Blood Will Out: Due to a genocidal clash in Cambodia, a Tcho Tcho infant is abandoned and found by an NGO, who pass her on to an adoption agency. She is adopted by an American couple who are strict vegetarians, and their cooking techniques mean that her mutational capabilities are never triggered. When she hits puberty her
pheremones are detected by some other Tcho Tcho who kidnap her. Can the investigators rescue her before her innate hunger for human is awakened (probably not)?

Rules of Engagement: Delta Green investigates rumours that MJ 12 is subjecting everyone of mixed-Asian appearance in a district to medical testing (a follow on from Doc 1).

Meat from the Deep Freeze: Agents investigating Point 103 ("An Item of Mutual Interest") discover that a Tcho-Tcho sorcerer investigating the past of his race has beaten them to it.

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