Silk Road
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On 2012-07-17, Gil Trevizo wrote to the DGML:

I was surprised to learn that the DGML has never talked about Silk
Road before (based on a search of my gmail, which has archived the
DGML back 4,804 posts), Silk Road is an online marketplace accessed
through a Tor anonymous network where goods are traded using Bitcoins
as currency:

Silk Road seems to be used primarily for drugs (reputedly by tens of
thousands of users), but it also evidently offers firearms, including
automatic weapons and suppressors:

Here's what looks like a good article on how Silk Road actually works:

There is some fear that Silk Road may be compromised, that it may have
even been created by government agencies as a honeypot to trap drug
users. Certainly Silk Road is, like just any attempt to circumvent
laws, not 100% risk-free. But there are a plethora of precautions (PGP
encryption of addresses, using "Oswald" cut-outs to pick-up
deliveries) that *seem* to make it a useful tool for Delta Green
agents. Green Boxes are for more than guns, but when the agents need
to get their hands on a "9mm machine pistol with silencer" and can
afford to wait the time it would take to ship it, this might be a good
option for them. Likewise for those less optimistic on its security,
it might make a good option for Keepers that make players aware of the
existence of Silk Road, have them start relying on it, and throw major
trouble their way when they get caught.

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