The Skoptsi are an ancient cult to Shub-Niggurath that lasted for hundreds of years in the Caucasus Mountains. The main feature of the group is that its members sacrifice their reproductive organs to the goddess. Then the member bonds with the goddess and gains longevity and power.

The cult was persecuted under the Tsars, but it managed to survive. When the Communists took over, things changed. The new regime wouldn't tolerate anything that smacked of religion, or fanaticism to something other than the Party. Technology was permitting ever greater oppression of deviants. As a result, many Skoptsi were forced to flee their homelands.

Some of them traveled to America, where they a colony in Maryland, on the east coast of the Chesapeake Bay. There are some 360 members of the cult living there, and have many jobs in the community. One of their main organizations is an orphanage, called Families Without Frontiers, which serves as a source for new recruits.

One of the group's current goals is to recover the Black Icons, which tell the story of the founding of the Skoptsi. They went missing in 1919, during the Communist Revolution.

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