Social Insecurity Administration

What’s going on?

The heavy construction around the city has awoken a dormant Lloigor. The Lloigor was drawn to the building due to a Stone Focus residing in a P.O. Box in the building. This cosmic parasite has latched onto the mind of Bryan Cook, a low-ranking government employee and Delta Green friendly. Bryan is aware that something is seriously wrong, and rapidly accesses Agent information knowing it will send up flags. Bryan has been lost in an altered reality manifested from the Lloigor.

Introduction and Exposition

One morning at work agents are called into a private conference call. The operator introduces himself with a call sign and as “John Smith.”

“We’ve got a small situation that requires our attention. Low risk, just a friendly that’s getting a bit funny. We’re getting flights for y’all to Kansas City, finish your business and get to the airport.”

The agents are flown into Kansas City International, just north of the main meat of the city. Soon after their flights land they receive another call.

“There’s a car in the parking garage, green sedan, nothing too fancy. You need to head downtown, look for the big federal building and park in the lot a block north. Careful on the highway, drivers down here are a fucking nightmare.”

They find a late 90s Buick waiting for them. Around the towering Federal Building, there are many police vehicles in addition to Department of Homeland Security police. It becomes apparent this is the norm, and meet with the Handler waiting in the lot.

He explains that over the past few days they’ve had alerts triggered by the activity of a Program friendly. Bryan Cook, a low-ranking employee of the Social Security Administration has been repeatedly accessing the information of several agents. While this hasn’t raised flags in the Administration, it has certainly raised some concern among the Program. He tells them to check in and question Bryan and address any issues that may have come about. Before sending them on their way, he warns that security in the building is tight, and they’ll be expected to go through metal detectors.

Part 1

After passing through security with visitor IDs, they make their way to the elevators, up to the 14th floor. Passing through the lobby instills a brief, but intense feeling of nausea and anxiety.

They exit to a quiet lobby area. After asking around, they find their way to a corner cubicle among the maze of desks, wherein the strange Bryan Cook exists.

This Bryan Cook is a telekinetic projection manifested by the Lloigor in the minds of the agents. Hard power or alertness checks can reveal the truth- that they are speaking with an empty cubicle.

Bryan seems normal… for the most part, he answers questions in short responses, but doesn’t recognize any Program call-signs or codes. To Bryan, everything is just another day at the office, but is confused why they’re even here.

It should be noted there are empty cubicles around Bryan’s desk, and if asked, people will say there have been quite a bit of sick call-ins lately. After leaving Bryan’s cubicle, he makes a call.

“Hi this is Bryan calling from Social Security about your recent benefits application, I just need to ask you a few questions and then we’ll get started…
What is your full name?
How do you feel about being a drain on society?
Have you felt thoughts of suicide recently? If no, why not?
And what is your mother’s maiden name?”

If the agents return to the cubicle, Bryan is gone, and the cubicle is empty.

Part 2

In the office, they notice everyone is leaving, the clocks show noon- lunch time. Agents are left free to investigate. They can find that Bryan did not clock out Wednesday or in to work afterwards. The desk contains his ID card and a sticky note with “116” scribbled on it.

Leaving the 14th floor is where things begin to worsen. The lobby is empty and the elevators slow. Instead of taking the group to their desired floor, they feel the descent of the elevator, and it opens out to the 14th floor.

The lobby is again empty, perhaps half the lights are turned off or flickering, and a dense fog rolls low on the floor. Agents are subjected to a powerful psychic influence, making them feel ill or unstable if they can’t resist it.

Shortly after exiting the elevator, one agent receives a phone call, the voice on the other end is shaky:

“Hello, this is.. Bryan Cook calling from the Social Security Administration… about an appointment you made yesterday, I just need some clarifying questions and then we can get started..
What is your full name?
What is your place of birth?
What do you do when the exterminator is late?*”
*Handlers are encouraged to use their own callsigns.

After answering the questions and confirming the call sign, his tone changes to frantic.

“Oh, thank god you’re here, you have to help. There’s something in this place… It’s screwing with me, it’s in my head! Help me, you’ve got to. I’m lost- well I am and I’m not, I’m at my cubicle… But it’s wrong. Please I don’t know how long it’s be-”

The agents realize they can find Bryan by searching the floor they’re on now- but it may take some time as it seems the environment is fighting against them. Objects fly randomly to strike at the agents, the environment shifts around them.

Eventually they find Bryan- cowering in his cubicle gripping his phone. He explains that he was getting ready to leave work on Wednesday night when he began to feel an oncoming migraine before passing out briefly at his desk. He woke up where he is now, and could hear noises- almost voices in his head.

“I lost a note- where is my note? Shit.”

After being given the note- Bryan explains they need to get to the 16th floor (116)- that it’s the safest spot. This is because the 16th floor is the furthest distance from the basement.

Part 3

The elevators will continue to spit them out on the 14th floor. If the agents try to descend the stairs- they find themselves in a never-ending loop going down, passing by the 14th floor door only.

Upon reaching the 16th floor- everything is normal. There is no one in the office, and most of the lights are off- the fog is gone and the agents feel lucid. Their phones spring to life- numerous notifications, the clock now reads 3AM. John Smith calls-

“WHAT THE FUCK? WHERE ARE YOU? It’s been 15 hours! They shouldn’t have even let you stay in the building! Did you find Bryan? Seriously, what the fuck?!”

Bryan begins to ramble off “116” over and over again- remembering an Agent left him a stone that was recovered and left it in P.O. Box 116 on the ground floor. He received containment instructions and materials that he kept at his desk.

The agents meet similar difficulties on their way back to Bryan’s desk. He withdraws two small ziploc bags from his desk- one of silvery sand, one of yellowish dust. These are small quantities of ‘Powder of Ibn-Ghazi’ and ‘Dust of the Thresholds.’ Bryan explains to seal the stone in a container containing equal quantities of the substances and to take it off site.

Part 4

With more people to hold influence over the Lloigor is weakening, this allows the agents to descend the stairs successfully, though they must go down far more than 14 flights of stairs. The lead agent sees an armed security guard walk past the door. Gunshots ring out on the other side of the door.

The Lloigor frenzied one of the security guards, who now roams around the lobby with violent intent. The agents can try to sneak past him, but must be aware of other guards at the front doors. A handgun can be recovered from the fallen guard.

A slow rumble begins in the lobby- the Lloigor uses Vortex as a last resort to stop the agents. Once the agents can get across the lobby, fight off or avoid the security guard, and find the correct P.O. Box- they find a fractal stone. When it is sealed in a container with both powders- the effects abruptly stop. The Lloigor is sent back into the Earth, dormant.


Bryan Cook is subsequently placed on medical leave- he developed an aggressive cancer.
The Building was put on lockdown and closed for a week for fumigation and investigation.
The Lloigor interfered with any cameras- the agents’ identities are concealed.


The Lloigor is detailed in the Delta Green Handler’s Guide, page 213.
‘Dust of the Thresholds’ is detailed in the Delta Green Handler’s Guide, page 178.
‘The Powder of Ibn-Ghazi’ is detailed in Delta Green Handler’s Guide, page 183.

Bryan Cook
STR 10 CON 10 DEX 10 INT 13 POW 9 CHA 10
HP 10 WP 9 SAN 12
SKILLS Bureaucracy 50%,Computer Science 40%, Unnatural 8%,
DISORDERS Severe Depression, Sleep Disorder, Paranoia

Security Guard
STR 12 CON 12 DEX 10 INT 10 POW 10 CHA 10
HP 12 WP 10
ARMOR 4, Reinforced Kevlar Vest
SKILLS Alertness 50%, Dodge 40%, Firearms 50%, HUMINT 40%, Persuade 40%
ATTACKS Glock 17 50%, damage 1D10


This is an entry to the 2018 Delta Green shotgun scenario contest, written by Turts.

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