Space Mead Variant

"These are GREAT Roofies"
Space Mead Variant

As most CoC players know, Space Mead is generally brewed up out of some bizarre
batch of ingredients. I think the phrase was actually something like "five or
more exotic ingredients left up to the keeper." Few DG agents are likely to
have personally used or encountered Space Mead; I like this Shotgun Scenario as
a shout out to the '20s game.

What it is and how it is made:

This particular recipe for Space Mead is particularly refined, primarily
synthesized with the use of moth pheromones, Hibernation Inducement Trigger
refined from bats, and whatever else you might like to imagine. This produces a fine, pinkish powder. When a dose of about 500 mgs is mixed with ethyl alcohol, a "dose" is created. This recipe was developed by a pharmacology student who discovered the original recipe in Golden Goblin version of Nameless Cults, which he purchased expecting BDSM erotica.

What it does and how much you have to take:

One or two doses ingested with intent and understanding works as per the
standard spell, with the ingestee donating the required magic points. At State
Polytechnic, this drug is being used as an undetectable "date-rape" drug, and
the rapist must sacrifice the magic point by willing the subject to slip into
torpor. Accidentally taking the drug or delivering the drug has no effect - two people could drink from the same cup, and only the one with intent focused upon them would slip into stasis. Space Mead protects the victims from overt harm, so regardless of the depraved acts committed upon them, they suffer no ill effects upon awakening, and cannot become pregnant, contract an STD, suffer from a beating, drown, etc.

Story Ideas:

1) The investigators are notified of an autopsy on a college age female which
has the following peculiarities:
a) The girl aspirated vomit into her lungs - this vomit was not hers
b) Judging from the age of the vomit and the position of the body, she must
have been face down in this puddle for some time
c) However, there are no acid marks or staining of the skin, which would
make it seem that she fell into the puddle shortly before she was discovered.
d) A witness says she heard the victim thrash about briefly and was the
person who discovered the body.
e) Estimated time of death matches the witnesses call, but, again, the age
of the vomit, the face down position of the body and a small puddle of semen on
the ground indicate the girl must have been face down in the puddle for some
time. As the rape kit results are negative, the speculation is that a male fond her in this position, masturbated to ejaculation standing behind her, and then somehow vomited underneath her head (there is no trace of vomit on her back or the back of her head. Difficulties with this theory are that the vomit and semen seem to be at least five hours older then the time of death. And, of course, no one wants to talk about the moths that seem to turn up on the body no matter what precautions they take.

2) This version of Space Mead is intended to give a bonus in summoning a ride.
When a young woman wakes up next to a badly butchered (although strangely
bloodless) student who was apparently attempting to rape her in her sleep, no
one believes that she could have slept through an attack of such force (although even the densest campus cop realizes that she could not have killed the rapist herself. As you, dear reader, would expect - not a drop of blood on the girl splash patterns make it appear as if the blood ran off her like she was made of plastic. This rapist used the drug too many times and caught the attention of a Byhakee.

3) A rapist overdoses his victim, and admits to the crime when the girl in his room hasn't woken up, no matter what I do!?? When the Campus Police arrive, she is just waking up. Again, rape kit and drug tests are negative, so the rapist is charged with kidnapping, despite the unusual circumstances. The rapist'sƒ family attorney is mounting an insanity defense, as aˆ young man who would confess to a rape, when, clearly, no such event occurred, is clearly unstable. Perhaps the investigators will think to ask where he got the drug.

From Robert Lint

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