Standard Deviation

A solo scenario for Delta Green

Keeper’s information

This is an odd scenario, intended for use with a single player, either when other players are unable to join the game or perhaps between sessions via email. The scenario itself is quite short and can probably be played in less than an hour. While the scenario uses the Mi-Go as it motivating force, it can be adjusted to make use of most intelligent Mythos threats who have some access to hypergeometry with minimal effort.

This scenario has two layers – one visible to the agent and an underlying reality. The first layer consists of a routine moment of investigation in which the agent is tasked with contacting a potential Delta Green asset who claims to have information useful to the conspiracy. The reality of the situation is that the agent has be capture by the Mi-Go and their brain is being studied by the alien fungoids, being subjected to repeated stressful events. Unfortunately for some reason their Mi-Go have failed to properly condition the agent’s brain so that they forget the testing. From the point of view of the agent, they are stuck in an infinite loop, endlessly cycling to the point of the agent’s imminent death.


The default cycle that the agent will experience is that the agent is contacted by A-cell with instructions to interview Professor Morris Stagg, a radio astronomer with the Radio Astronomy Laboratory at UC-Berkeley. Stagg, age 48, is currently suspended from the University while his unauthorized use of university equipment is being investigated; he has been quietly circulating a paper discussing some unusual findings from a trans-Neputian body recently discovered - 2011PF, suggesting that it is intermittently emitting a very low frequency radio signal. The University was contacted by the Federal Government indicating that the professor has accidental discovered an experimental broadcast by a Navy project using Extremely Low Frequencies to communicate with submarines. Professor Stagg, who initially thought he was studying a magnetar, has dismissed this as impossible and believes that government is attempting to conceal evidence of an extraterrestrial probe on the edge of the solar system.

The scenario begins with the agent being dispatched to make contact with Prof. Stagg at scientific conference in a major U.S. city. The agent is given a cover ID, a contact protocol for the Professor, and is told to simply listen to what he has to say, collect any evidence offered, and supply a pre-paid cellphone for future contact if they seem reliable.

The conference is at an otherwise unremarkable hotel. There are perhaps five-hundred attendees scattered between several rooms and two lecture halls. The given contact protocol has arranged a meeting at 1 pm in the Cedar Room during a presentation on grant writing.


It is left to the Keeper to work out events leading up to the arrival of the agent at the conference. There is nothing, initially at least, of interest to attract attention. The agent may reconnoiter the hotel if they wish but will detect nothing amiss. Professor Stagg will arrive in the Cedar room around 12:55, seeming nervous, and carrying a laptop. He will respond to the given code phrase and will sit with the Agent. He will then begin to summarize his discovery – an intermittent signal coming from 2011PF. He cannot determine the purpose of the signal but it is repeating on a regular basis and cannot be natural in origin. As he opens his laptop to show the agent some of his raw data, one of the hotel’s waitstaff will approach from the door; Spot Hidden to notice before she closes. She is in her middle forties and unremarkable save her lack of affect. When she reaches the professor she places a hand on his shoulder and says “You need to come with me Doctor.” The professor begins to panic and attempts to run away. She will then tackle him, as a sudden sensation of building static electricity rises; her hair stands on end, then her head becomes something akin to a Van Der Graaf generator. At this point she appears to explode in a pulse of white light and the investigator dies painfully. The agent loses 2d6 points of Sanity.


After the investigator dies they recall a long period of total darkness. A Listen roll allows the agent to recall hearing something, perhaps numbers. Suddenly the agent finds themselves entering the Cedar room; they are fully healed though their Sanity is not restored (they do not suffer temporary insanity, for reasons explained later). It is 12:53 PM.

Events will progress as they did in the first iteration of this scenario unless the agent acts to change them. The wait staffer will approach the professor, attempt to escort him away, and when he attempts to flee, they will detonate. The wait staffer is not entirely human and attempts to stop her will prove difficult (see stats at end of scenario). Should she be killed or incapacitated, another similar assassin appears and will attack. Should the agent simply flee the hotel, an assassin will track them down, killing them. Eventually the agent will be killed again. Sanity loss for this event is only 1d6.


The investigator finds themselves again in total darkness. They will hear a voice repeating a string of numbers, then they find themselves stepping into the Cedar room. It is 12:53.

The cycle will repeat as long as your player is interested in events, usually between 3 and 5 times. Each time the investigator dies they have a clearer impression of hearing numbers in the total darkness. The will eventually be able to determine that the speaking voice has a mechanical, artificial quality. Occasionally phrases like “subject response sub-optimal” can be made out.


The key to resolving the scenario is when the agent actively attempts to break the cycle- killing themselves, or Professor Stagg, pulling the fire alarm or setting a fire, etc. Once they do this the next time they ‘die’ they will again find themselves in total darkness hearing a string of numbers. A voice can be heard, “Subject status invalid. Sensory error. Correction.” The darkness begins to fade; the agent can make out racks of metallic cylinders between which scuttle shadowy forms. An Idea roll allows the agent to determine that they cannot turn their head… or move their hands or feet… or feel their body. Suddenly a weird luminescent mass appears before them, holding a device of glass and wire from which a buzzing voice can be heard. “Remain calm… subject. Adjustments are… in… progress to… restore… equilibrium. Fixed state… status error… correction.” Weird clawed pods manipulate something just out of sight and the scene fades to black. Sanity loss of 2d6/3d10.


The truth of the situation is left to the Keeper. This could have simply been a very bad dream. The investigator may have been taken and experimented on by the Mi-Go then be returned to their body. The investigator’s brain may still reside in a jar and all future scenarios are simply a projection of the Mi-Go upon their consciousness. Likewise the reality of Professor Stagg and his discovery is left to the Keeper.

Whatever the case, the investigator’s Sanity is restored to its starting point, though they may suffer from derealization or paranoid delusion. Moments of déjà vu could cause great anxiety. Delusions of hearing the buzzing voice or strings of numbers are also possible. There is always the chance that they will find themselves entering the Cedar room again very soon.

The Wait Staffer, inhuman servitor

STR 16 CON 19 SIZ 11 INT 10
POW 6 DEX 19 APP 10 EDU ?
SAN ? HP 15

Armor: 1 point of Mi-Go construct matter
Attacks: Punch 75% 1d3+1d4; Detonate 100% 20d100
Skills: Stalk victim 90%


This was an entry in the 2013 shotgun scenario contest, written by Bret Kramer.

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