Sub Project BOUNCE

BOUNCE is a project designed to develop Super-Soldiers based on alien DNA and anatomy. The goal is to make "clean" soldiers which are immune to CBR/NBC warfare. The results have been catastrophic.

The first technique implemented was to surgically implant and grow a subcutaneous layer of photosynthetic chlorophyll based cellulose into a human subject. It was hoped that this would prevent absorbtion of toxins throught the skin and eliminate the need for respiration, as well as providing a protectiver layer of bullet resistant cellulose.

Unfortunately, the test subject developed a photovoltaic metabolism which resulted in neurological disruption and disfigurement leading to insanity. Several research personnel were killed via electrocution before the order to cease further development was given. The test subject currently resides at the YY-II ICE CAVE facility [location redacted]. Recently the test subject has produced a series of unusual yam-like growths and flowering buds which may signal the onset of some sort of reproductive cycle.

The next experiment attempted to boost the test subject's immune response to NBC/CBR factors by transplantation of cloned alien lymph glands and extraterrestial bone marrow. The test subject developed severe fungal infection of an unknown pathology and began to exude emissions of a yet-to-be fully identified mutagenic liquid. The test subject also began to generate an unprecedented increase in pheromone production. This unexpected byproduct led to the development of a chemical "mind control" pharmeceutical by Sub-Project CORE after the mysterious disappearance of the test subject.

Current research focuses on a system-wide approach of nanotechnological genetic therapy which promises to create individuals who can alter their appearance. These CHANGELINGS could then impersonate other individuals as needed. The stumbling block has come with set of peculia r symptoms which include severe pain when attempting to shift shape, skin and connective tissues which liquify or evaporate into mist after periods of prolonged alteration or when subjected to trauma, and uncontrolled emissions of pus, bile and lymph. No test subject lived longer than two months, a tragically short lifespan that ends in a griseous clay-like "smearing" of the entire mass of the patients cellular structure. Most test subjects complained of an insatiable biological craving for normal human organs (cannibalism).

There are also numerous other hybridized cadavers stored at the ICE CAVE who did not survive the hybridization process.

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