Sub Project CATALYST

CATALYST handles the main body of ARC DREAM research, and has become more of a production house which occasionally spins off further sub-projects. Catalyst has perfected the accelerated growth of human embryos and fetuses to adulthood in a period of several weeks. The more growth factor is used to accelerate development, the greater the risk of biological failure.

A timely production schedule to keep up with the demand for human clones and other cloned materials have increased the amount of defective and thus unusable material. This has led to CATALYST requiring a much larger than normal medical waste facility.

CATALYST has developed an advanced cryogenic technology for storage of harvested limbs and organs, as well as for unusual test subjects or prisoners. This is complemented by an experimental nanotechnological stasis unit called the CHRYSALIS. CHRYSALIS is also capable of genetically altering biological specimens stored within and can serve as an all purpose tool for cloning and other biochemical manipulation.

The primary means of cloning performed by CATALYST is through WOMB growths. These are biological membraneous sacks encased in perfect crystal cylinders. The first WOMB growths were provided by the Greys and subsequent WOMB's were designed by BIOGON and constructed using the Crockpot (see nanotechnology in Part One). This technology has nothing to do with the World Organization for Medicine and Biology, which provides clones to the clandestine global psionic organization known as INVISIBLE. However, INVISIBLE does provide Majestic-12 with advanced mind control technology based on MKULTRA and other esoteric research.

CATALYST has mastered the production and development of embryonic stem cells. These all-purpose cells can be grown to develop into any organ, limb or body part/system desired. CATALYST can also transplant every organ in the human body at once, with perfect matching genetics.

The total organ transplant has lead to cases of multiple personality disorder when performed between two non-cloned test subjects, leading CATALYST researchers to believe that some sort of chemical or genetic memory is transferred via total organ transplant. Side effects from clone to non-clone transplants have resulted in loss of focus and motivation as well as an unidentified malaise in the transplantee. This has led to religious speculation that such transplantation destroys a person's soul. Of course, such ridiculous claims are not heeded by serious scientific researchers.

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