Sub-project CORE

Out of all of ARC DREAM, CORE has the greatest potential for drastic, world altering effects. If each experiment is taken seperately, CORE simply alters microbes, animals and biochemistry. Viewed as a whole, CORE provides the advent of a new global ecology; an ecology based on genetic engineering and alien science.

Currently the implications of consciously directing this evolution have only been considered by sources outside Majestic-12. INVISIBLE is keeping tabs on CORE through intrusive telepathy, information sharing with the Gestalt, and aggressive precognition. The New World Industries subidiary Biosyndrome Systems Inc. has audaciously implemented sample ecologies computed by the artificial intelligence EVOLVER and based on Dr. Everett Stanz's Accelerated Evolution Model. These glistening and gelid neojungles and quivering flexreefs currently grow and flourish on isolated and radioactive Pacific atolls.

CORE has developed anti-DNA virii which imprint themselves upon a specific genetic pattern which they exclusively infect. This, combined with tailored carrier pathogens from MKNAOMI has created an arsenal of selective bioassassination weapons. CORE has also developed a series of alien biochemicals called SPECTRUM, which have various deleterious effects (See DG : EYES ONLY Vol. One - Machinations of the Mi-Go for further details about the SPECTRUM biochemicals).

CORE also can duplicate nerve tissue via chemical electrosynthesis. This is actually a protomatter-based process and CORE is reliant on the Greys to provide the electrosynthetic solution (re: Protomatter). The FRANKENSTEIN process is used for creating Brain Carbons and Neurofilaments.

Brain Carbons are simply a protomatter replica of the original human organ. It has an indefinite lifespan unknown to CORE who believe that it is a exact neurological copy. The new brains are subject to utter and total domination by the Mi-Go, who can render the victims of the Brain Carbon process into empty skulled automatons by remote dissolution of their new protomatter mind.

Neurofilaments are mobile threads of semi-intelligent nervous tissue. They are based in part on the biology of the Traveller species captured on the San Carlos Indian Reservation near Phoenix, Arizona. MJ-8 DANCER has been cooperating with CORE in order to properly develop countermeasures against future encounters with the Traveller species. These Neurofilaments are key to RECOIL's advanced neurology project.

The mercifully abortive animal experimentation of CORE has been abandoned in favor of further human experimentation. However, three projects are still active in this arena; the K-10 Steppenwolf, the Marine Mammal Program, and CHIMERA.

The K-10 Steppenwolf is an augmented canine species genetically engineered and equipped with a human-type brain, diamond matrix teeth, bulletproof arachnofibrous skin, extra-dimensional myomer enhanced musculature, and vastly accurate, extremely sensitive sensory organs. K-10's have a very short lifespan and frequent cancerous tumor growth due to their drastically accelerated metabolism. They can run faster than a Cheetah, are stronger than a Grizzly bear, and are the size of a large housecat. K-10's are trained by the artifical intelligence SIRIUS who uses designed RNA skill injections to neurochemically inoculate desired behavior patterns.

The Marine Mammal Program alters bottle nosed dolphins to seek enemy submarines and ships, attack enemy divers and seek alien intelligences beneath the sea. Communication with the dolphins has revealed an elaborate mythos concerning a hostile underwater civilization of humanoid "Deep Ones" that dolphin storytellers indicate can interbreed with both humans and dolphins.

Augmented Dolphin requests to "go to war" with this mythical civilization have been ignored by Majestic analysts who dismiss such fanciful tales as primitive Dolphin superstition. ICE CAVE personnel have been instructed by MJ-1 Justin Kroft not to reveal the existence of the Deep Ones at the YY-II facility to Marine Mammal Personnel for unspecified reasons.

Augmented Dolphins have been altered to dive deeper and longer, increase their sonar's range and swim much faster with greater snout and overall body strength for lethal "kamikaze torpedo" attacks. Cybernetic CLARION and GABRIEL sonic weaponry is currently being implanted into AUGDOL's.

CHIMERA is a CORE program to create animal-human hybrids. So far the only experiment was the surgical implantation of a human brain carbon into a Chimpanzee. Project-X was shut down after a brief period of inconclusive testing. CHIMERA plans to use animal chromosomes to engineer an alternative to RECOIL and BOUNCE soldiers. Some CHIMERA researchers are pushing to steer CHIMERA toward the uplift of semi-sentient beings to fully human intelligence. This would create various "slave-races" which could be used as expendables in a interstellar war.

CORE's major contribution to ARC DREAM and Majestic is in the arena of Biological Warfare. Some of the bioweapons include; a Grain Blight to foment famine in hostile nations, a PROTEUS virus which genetically alters hostiles into more passive behavior, and a nanotechnological virus which elicits spontaneous combustion in people and machinery.

Finally, CORE has produced Combat Drugs and other field pharmeceuticals for RECOIL and NRO DELTA agents. Research into Psychotronic Biochemicals has been subtly halted by a jealous INVISIBLE which has used invasive telepathy to subliminally implant subconscious failure into the minds of researchers involved in such attempts.

Two of the Combat Drugs developed are TSA-343 or "Slo-Mo", which has been extensively tested on the Mediterranian Island-State of Al Amarja. Slo-Mo alters one's time sense so that everything seems to proceed in a radically slower time-frame. Slo-Mo is also known as TEMPO. Another drug developed is the green and bioluminescent fluid called JUMP. JUMP, which has shown the amazing property of rejuvinating nearly dead individuals into frenzied attackers who feel no pain, has proven to be an effective "dead-man" contingency. Unfortunately, the users of JUMP invariably experience extreme brain damage and cannot be thereafter useful to Majestic.

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