Sub Project RECOIL

RECOIL has been producing physiologically altered NRO DELTA and MJ-5 BLUE FLY personnel since 1993. The test subjects have been given enhanced strength through the use of advanced steroids and specially designed adrenaline-producing organs. The musculature must be nanotechnologically enhanced in order to prevent injury from the increased biochemical strength. One RECOIL test subject has even been given a musculature which has been wholly replaced by extra-dimensional myomers. The skeletal structure has also been regrown and gradually converted into a diamond matrix by nanotechnology in order to bear the great weights and stresses imposed by enhanced strength. All this causes great agony in RECOIL subjects which is partially cured by neurosurgery and painkillers.

Superconducting Neurofilaments have been infiltrated into the Central Nervous Systems of RECOIL test subjects. This has resulted in greatly increased reaction speeds and hand-eye coordination. It also may cause epilepsy, narcolepsy, and all manner of neurochemical psychosis, delusion, hallucination and bizarre ideation. Again, these side-effects are treated with medication.

Night Vision has been granted to RECOIL test subjects. This is accomplished by replacing RECOIL test subject's corneas with multi-dimensional crystal-matrix optical lenses and growing high density rod/cone polymorphic nervous tissue in the retinas. This has produced hallucinations and migraine headaches similar to those experienced by ZEUS targeting personnel. More medication is necessary to curtail these side-effects.

Neurofilaments have replaced nose-hair in some RECOIL test subjects, and this has greatly enhanced the sense of smell. Unfortunately, the RECOIL subjects thus augmented have complained of an inability to stand close proximity of others, and a greatly diminished appetite due to the intensity of odors they now experience. Nevertheless, the tracking potential of such augmentation is judged to be well worth the reduced quality of life.

Additional organs and improved organs from CATALYST have been implanted in RECOIL personnel. This has caused immune response difficulties due to the many conflicting genetic materials used in the RECOIL test subjects. Once more, RECOIL test subjects must take additional medication to prevent immune rejection of their augmentation.

An additional "endurance" heart, total filtration kidneys, and super-oxygenated water-breathing lungs have all been used on RECOIL test subjects to great success. An advanced "blood-doping" process to provide the extra nutrients that these improved organs require was replaced recently (as was the subject's blood) by a self-replicating nanotechnological "biosoup" of complex Blood Agents designed by the artificial intelligence BIOGON.

The RECOIL augmentation with the least side-effects is the implementation of Improved Protective Structures. Diamond shell eyeballs, a perfect crystal skeletal structure, and an arachnofibrous weave into the skin maintain a human appearance while rendering near total protection from small arms. IPS has been the subject of much unauthorized testing by imaginative and suicidal RECOIL test subjects.

Overall, RECOIL has astounding capabilities and great potential while exacting a terrible cost to sanity and humanity. Drug addiction, biological failure and imminent psychological collapse make RECOIL personnel unreliable without control agents to monitor and supervise their behavior. Escaping RECOIL subjects are dealt with by a time release virus which will cause them intense debilitating pain until they return to Majestic for treatment. If they do not return in time, the virus mutates into a highly acidic bacteria which erodes the RECOIL subject to a carbonized blackened mass within minutes.

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