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Organizational tags

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  • creature: A race or individual creature that is not, or not fully, human.
  • geography: Any large place.
  • item: An inanimate physical object, typically useable as a scenario seed.
  • npc: A sentient character that can be used in adventures.
  • organization: Any cohesive social entity with a collective goal.
  • real_world: Anything that exists in the real world, but is not universally recognized. For example, Graeme Price has the tag because he is real, but not extremely famous. France does not have the tag, because it would be redundant and clutter up the tag cloud.
  • recommendations: One or more real works (movies etc.) that may be entirely unrelated to Delta Green, but recommended to its fans.

Special tags

More information on these is available in the improvement guidelines.

  • email: The article is, or contains, copies of real email messages.
  • fiction: The article is itself a literary work of fiction, or includes, indexes or links to such works.
  • stub: Please expand.
  • unformatted: Please add or correct Wikidot markup in the article to improve its formatting.
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