Talking Dog Club

The Talking Dog Club is a fan scenario and group of interest for Delta Green. It was created for the 2019 Shotgun Scenario competition.

It is transcribed directly. Full credit to the original author (Authors note: I've got no idea who that is, but full credit to them).

I've tasted friendship
I've tasted you
I've tasted dying, and it tasted good
I've tasted heartbreak
I've tasted food
I've tasted dying, and it tasted good
- Jack Stauber, Dinner is Not Over


The Talking Dog Club is a group of teenagers who found an ugly dog on the side of the road. The dog had been hit by a car, and spoke to them in a human voice, asking for help. They took it home, hiding it from their parents. The dog, grateful for their assistance and slowly regaining its strength, is sharing its power with them, teaching them spells and secrets.

The Dog

The dog is large, the size of a person, but resembles no known dog breed. Its opposable claws allow it to grasp objects, and its digitigrade legs allow it to stand upright. It is very ugly. When it yawns, its maw opens wide enough to fit your whole head inside. It speaks with a strange tone of voice that often changes, sometimes in many languages besides English. Despite its fur, the dog is cold to the touch. When they found it, the kids thought it was in shock, and tried everything from their health class first aid training to warm it up. It still likes to wrap itself in blankets, or sleep next to human beings for warmth. It also loves meat, and is not particular about the freshness.


STR: 24
CON: 24
DEX: 15
INT: 12
POW: 13
HP: 24
WP: 13


Alertness: 70%
Athletics: 85%
Foreign Language (English): 30%
Stealth: 90%
Track (By Scent): 65%
Unnatural: 40%



  • Bony Claws (60%): 1D8 Damage. Armour Piercing 3
  • Bite (50%): 1D10+2 Damage. See WORRY AND RIP.
  • Charnel Visage: The dog can change its shape, taking the likeness of a human being. It needs to eat a piece of their body to do so, such as an earlobe or toe. It has several disguises already in its “library”. The dog assumes one of these forms when strangers are near.
  • Gift of the Grave: Consuming rotten human flesh restores 1D8 HP to the dog immediately. This may be done once per 24 hours.
  • Inhuman Agility: With a successful Athletics roll, the dog can leap five meters, scale any vertical surface, or drop up to 15 meters without damage. At top speed, the talking dog can run 60 kph.

The Club

Using the Talking Dog Club

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