The Tcho-Tcho are a primitive tribe of Asiatic-appearance people (well, they look like people) found living in the remote corners of Asia. The name has a long legacy of darkness attached to it. Among the Tibetans, Tcho is a word for black magician,' 'evil monster' an 'destroyer.' Among the Hmong of Laos and Vietnam, they are known as Tchaw-Tchaw, 'the Eaters.' They are universally hated by their neighbors, loathed for their fearsome practices and their worship of inhuman gods. These are a people in tune with the Mythos. Naturally, the CIA thought that arming them to fight communism during the Vietnam war was a great idea.

The combined hypothesis

James Haughton works as an anthropologist in Southeast Asia. James has always been fascinated by the Tcho-Tcho. He read a lot of the different hypotheses, biological models etc in the Ice Cave, but wanted one that would let them all be true, as well as tie the Tcho-Tcho more deeply to the Mythos. So he came up with this.

In a nutshell, due to an ancient Mythos connection, Tcho-Tcho assimilate the genomes of the things they eat. If they want to stay (roughly) human, they HAVE to eat humans. On the other hand, if they have the POW to assimilate other things without mutating to death, they can become insectile hive queens, naked mole rats or whatever else they can stuff down their throats. Including nice white boys and girls.

This is in 5 parts:

  1. A copy of Report on Subject 312 liberated from MJ-12's Project DANCER that discusses the study of a captured Tcho-Tcho.
  2. A Tcho-Tcho origin myth, as recorded by a French anthropologist c.1921 (made by chucking a few relevant myths from the area into a blender and adding extra Mythos).
  3. What's really going on” explains why the Tcho-Tcho are the way they are.
  4. Fiction: An Anthropologist Encounters the Tcho-Tcho.
  5. Shotgun Shells: A few one-paragraph scenarios based on this information.


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