Thaqib Hafiz

By The Man In Black

Thaqib is a physically fit man in his thirties. He is of average height and weight, with short black hair and deep set, intense black eyes. His accent is strange and alluring, containing the poetry of many languages. He is almost always closely shaved in defiance of islamic tradition.

Thaqib came to the attention of Ahmad Rabi in the early 1970's when the child of four memorized the Quran in it's entirety. The Assassin-Priest of the Black Brotherhood instantly realized the usefulness of Thaqib's prodigal eidetic memory and posed as a Sufi holy man, making whatever promises were necessary to steal the child away into a life of adrenalin surged apocalypse.

The mesmerized child's happiest memories were in the tombs and dry canals of long-buried Uruk, playing amidst the clockwork motions of Rabi's astrological water clock, which Rabi called the Horologion Clepsydra. Rabi told of how he had copied the design from ancient ruins he had once visited in the lost city of pillars. Irem was closed to the Black Brotherhood due to the stolid guardianship of the orthodox Cthulhu Cult. So it was that with Deep One gold from the bottom of the sea Rabi had built a glittering new clock in a sand-covered place older than any living nation.

Rabi explained to his eager young apprentice of his theological certainty that the clock was designed by mad Innominada of the Nameless City. Furthermore, Rabi revealed that he thought it's mysterious workings were the cause underlying the prehistoric conflict between the Priests of Leviathan Cthulhu and the empty souls lured into mindless slavery beneath the crushing hooves of the Behemoth Hastur.

Before he was seven years old, Thaqib was made to memorize the complex mathematics which guided the Horologion Clepsydra. Unfortunately, the otherworldly astrology remained impenetrable and the Horologion's workings were strained by malfunction after malfunction. It was only after the child Thaqib's first murder that the mystery clock would move it's golden stars into rightness and glory.

When Thaqib was nine years old, Rabi entered the underground dome of the Clepsydra's Astrolabe bleeding from innumerable supperating wounds. Following hot on his heels was a Blackrobe of the Cthulhu Cult, chanting with a resonant roar and casting deadly spells from a book bound in human skin. As Rabi lay writhing in the invisible oceanic grip of the Leviathan Cthulhu, Thaqib took a razor sharp scythe-like partial gear from the Clepsydra and hacked the sorcerer killing his adopted father into a bloody pile of flesh and bone.

It was the book that they took from the dead Blackrobe that allowed Rabi and Hafiz to decypher the alien math driving the Horologion Clepsydra. They had recovered the Cthaat Aquadingen, the Book of Black Water, and it contained a formula for a mind-altering substance that would open one's mind to the upper reaches of time and space. Maddened with the Black Water potion, the calculations unfolded in their minds like the petals of a spring flower.

It was now possible for the Black Brotherhood to predict the future with a precision heretofore undreamt of. Praxis of Chaos was the title of the manuscript Rabi hastily wrote to describe the new math to all Black Brotherhood astrologers. In it, Rabi showed how tremendous forces of apocalyptic social destruction could be precipitated and unleashed by carefully predicted acts of dramatic violence and murder. The Golden Age of Assassination had begun.

Today, Thaqib poses as an Islamic astrologer who travels the world, offering his advice to celebrities and especially to other, less talented astrologers. He usually impresses fundamentalist muslims made reluctant by his modern liberal appearance with his total recall of the Quran. There are rumors that he has charted many prominent politicians in the United States and Europe as well as the Middle East.

He also encourages rumors that his master Rabi was frequently consulted by the Swiss astrologer Karl Ernst Krafft, much as Thaqib himself is consulted by many popular astrologers today. Krafft interpreted many charts for the Nazi SS and worked directly with Rudolph Hess. Whether or not Rabi used his magical powers to drive Hess insane or manipulate him to flee to England remains unknown, even to Thaqib.

Thaqib rarely acts on his many astrological predictions, instead turning them over to other Black Brotherhood assassins such as Inga Weiss or Yasmine Delaroux for execution. He is currently exploring the use of advanced computer systems to conduct the Black Brotherhood's astrological research.

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