The Arkham Group

Don't tell the Agents, but Delta Green does not stand alone. Other men sympathetic to their cause have started up their own organization that parallels and expands on Delta Green's efforts.

The Arkham Group (stylized "The Arkham GROUP") is a fan created organization created by Nicodemis Quick1. More information available at his website (as of 2018, defunct).


Delta Green began in 1928 with the Govt Raid on the New England coastal town of Innsmouth. Delta Green is a conspiracy within the United States govt. Why you ask? The reason is quite simple, for years our world has been getting torn apart by supernatural forces. Forces that will, if not held at bay, turn this small world into a living hell.

The men and women of Delta Green seek out the unknown, they search for those who would seek to be back the beings known collectively as the "Great Old Ones ", beings of terrible power that were at one time in control of the earth, but for for reason disappeared.

Now the Great Old Ones seek to return, and their followers, those that worship these horrifying being as if they were gods, are all too happy to comply with the wishes of these sinister beings.

Only the members of Delta Green actively seek these beings and their minions out. After all, " To be forewarned is to be forearmed ", as a silver screen vampire hunter once said. It is Delta Green's mission to seek out and destroy the machinations of the Great Old Ones.

In 1970, Delta Green was officially disbanded by the Jointed Chiefs. It was at this point that two factions emerged, those wishing to continue their work and existence under the name of Delta Green unofficially; and those of us that decided that we had had enough and would continue our fight against the Cthulhu Mythos on our own.

That was essentially the birth of the Arkham GROUP. Through contacts and funds that we had acquired during WWII, Korea and Vietnam, we set about to create our own holding companies to support our operations.

Our structure, in many ways in similar to the existence we once had within the government, but now we are on our own. We no longer have the President or the Joint Chiefs holding us back from operations or holding the disbandment flag over our heads. We are alone in our fight to turn back the night, but we are not unarmed.

Years of intelligence work have turned us into very much an information gathering organization. Our experiences during WWII, Korea and Vietnam have given us the training and experience necessary to fight this battle on whatever field that we must.

In the end, we must succeed, or the entire world will pay the ultimate price…

— Nicodemis Quick, What exactly is Delta Green & the Arkham GROUP?

Rise through Economics

Following the disbandment of Delta Green as a government sanctioned organization, a meeting of several former members was called by a Commander Julian Bishop. At the meeting, Bishop proposed they utilize resources captured during WWII to create proprietary companies to allow them to continue the goals of the now defunct organization. This proposition created a rift between the attendees: one side argued that this would make them just bad as Majestic-12. Those with this mindset (lead by Joseph Camp) left the meeting and eventually formed the illegal conspiracy we all know and love today. Those who remained however came and founded Arkham Enterprises (these original members would become known as the Steering Committee, the governing body over the group). A Few weeks later, The Arkham Group proper was founded, establishing Arkham Enterprises as the Group’s first proprietary company. Over the course of the group’s lifetime, they have bought other companies to create subsidiaries for the organization for ease of access to resources (i.e. in 1981, Arkham Enterprises buys the Arthur Thompson Zeppelin Corporation, a Dirigible manufacturing firm. Once under the control of the Arkham Group, ATZ Corp. begins its rise to become one of the most popular airlines in the United States. By 1993, ATZ Corp has become the 6th largest airline in the United States. What few ever release is that ATZ Corp. is being used to transport arms and personnel across the world for the organization).


The Group's structure is somewhat similar to that of Delta Green’s organized conspiracy incarnation, being sub-divided into 8 section, each named after a Greek letter.


Point Zero

After the death of Major General Fairfield, those within the organization that had some pull within the Pentagon began diverting funding toward the Heliofortress that is now called " Point Zero".

The reason for Point Zero was quite simple, the members of the Arkham GROUP needed a base of operations that could be moved at a moments notice. Never staying in one location. The Heliofortress uses a extremely sophisticated system of helicopter engines and 21st century repulsor lifts to keep the massive structure in the sky.

Gamma Point

Gamma Point is one of the Arkham GROUP's few ground based facilities. Located under the deserts of New Mexico, Gamma Point is fully staffed with members from each section of the organization. The facility houses a massive cache of weapons and equipment that the organization can draw from in times of need. Gamma Point also has full medical capabilities to treat Agents that have been injured in the line of duty.

Along with being a Medical Facility and Weapons Cache for the organization, Gamma Point is also the storehouse that the Arkham GROUP uses to store all of the artifacts and tomes that comes into its possession.

The Olympian Club

Not long after Dr. Sherman Nasic joined the Arkham GROUP, he proposed the idea to Commander Bishop to establish safehouses all of the world where Agents of the organization could gather in relative safety.

After Commander Bishop approved the funding for the endeavor, Dr. Nasic through covert channels established the Olympian Club with its first Chapter House being located in Boston. After the first, the second was placed in London and so on…

After a few years, the Olympian Club became a fixture in most major American and International cities. The club itself caters to the wealthy, making it rather exclusive. To further hide its true purpose, Dr. Nasic approved the membership of the Elite of the mundane world.

To the mundane members of the Olympian Club, it is a place to gather and socialize. A place to tell tales of their exploits and to hobnob with others of their kind.

To members of the Arkham GROUP, the Olympian Club is a safe house where they can meet and hide out when necessary. Each Chapter House has a fully stocked arsenal carefully hidden away beneath them in a bunker. In these bunkers, the organization has computer databanks and communication terminal that are directly linked to the Network Systems that tie Point Zero and Gamma Point together.

If an Agent is looking for a secure way of communicating with Alpha Section[, a Olympian Club chapter is a good place to look].

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