The Despicable Quest

A novel of horror and fantasy by Philip Kenan, printed by Bantam Spectra Books in 1995. This massive text is over 2000 pages in length. A tale of a professor from Miskatonic University and the quest he and his companions undertake, with leads them around the globe and in the Dreamlands. Kenan is a deeply devoted fan of the works of Howard Phillips Lovecraft, and The Despicable Quest touches every invention of Lovecraft and many of his followers.

Language: English
SAN Loss: 1/1d4
Cthulhu Mythos: +1%
Dream Lore: +4%
Spells: None
Study Time: 50 weeks

Resume with Monsters, pg. 467.

See also the The Unravelling of Raymond Hart and The Blight.

This is from the Ice Cave.

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