The disappearance of Carl Robert Disch

A true incident of potential Mythos significance occurred in Antarctica on May 8, 1965. Location: Byrd Station (post-1960 site), Marie Byrd Land. Temperature: c. -44 degrees Farenheit. Time: 0915. Carl Robert Disch, ionospheric physicist for the National Bureau of Standards, left the radio noise building, presumed destination the main station complex, 7,000 ft. to the south. The building was linked to the complex by a handline, to provide guidance during whiteout storms. At 1000, Disch having not yet reached the main complex, a search was initiated.

His trail was found leading west of the station at 1130, at the southwest corner of the skiway, about four miles from his starting point. Extensive searches continued, without results. At 1800 on May 9, a search of the area south of the skiway found occasional tracks, which were followed to a point about four miles south of the base. "There was no noticeable shortening of stride in these tracks." Searches of the old Byrd Station site, six miles away, and to the south of the new station continued, but found no further evidence. Search was called off on May 14.

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