The Kugelblitz Papers

The Kugelblitz Papers is not a tome, or even a formal report, but a computer print-out of testimony from the Nuremburg Trials mixed with several miscellaneous Third Reich papers and even a Luftwaffe technical manual. The testimony was given mainly by an officer in the SD (Sicherheitsdienst), Stefan Reichardt. Reichardt’s unit, SDG-4, retrieved a crashed saucer near Lenzkirch, in the Black Forest, in 1941.

SDG-4 soon joined forces with the Luftwaffe to launch Aktion Kugelblitz, which was essentially a Third Reich prototype of Project REDLIGHT. Under the leadership of Dietrich Grohl, the researchers developed several functioning aircraft based on the saucer wreckage. Sightings of these aircraft by Allied pilots led to the origin of the wartime “foo fighters,” globes of light which followed aircraft.

The Karotechia soon developed an interest in the project. As that group’s attentions turned away from the researchers’ efforts, one individual, Josef Graubenstein, stayed to offer his advice. Graubenstein quickly changed the focus of the project.

Delta Green attempted to recruit the scientists during Operation SUMMER BREEZE, but they managed to avoid recruitment or execution. In 1947, the Americans launched Operation PAPERCLIP, and many Nazi scientists were recruited into the emerging U.S. space program. At the same time, Majestic-12 launched Operation THUMBSCREW, a similar operation. Grohl, Reichardt, Graubenstein, and several other researchers were brought over.

This is the story told in the papers. The Kugelblitz Papers grant experience checks in the following skills: Aerospace, History, and Shadow History. Although most of the document is in English, the Third Reich documents are in German. If the agents can read German, increase the Xenotechnology bonus to +9 and give them +1 Cthulhu Mythos.

(0/1 Sanity; +4 Unnatural/Mythos; no spells; 5 days)

Source: FortuneCity Delta Green site [WayBack Archive]

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