The Lost Legion
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Subject: Re: [Kurotokage] Re: Dreamland Japan
Date: Wed, 21 Mar 2001 21:12:54 EST

With alliances made through Ashi with a ghoul faction, the Kuromaku managed to open several direct openings to the DL. They moved a number of their membership, some Imperial troops and equipment to DL Japan. The rest went underground to rebuild here.

Over the years, troops and equipment have been quietly moved into DL Japan, creating a strange mix of the traditional DL with technology from the recent years. They have been quietly making alliances with some of the mythos races and establishing a network through the DL. Their plan is to take control of the DL as a precursor to world control. Hastur is giving his support to the endeavor because by again linking the two realities through Ashi, his influence can spread and a further veil of reality is stripped away. Finally, from the shadows, Nyarlathotep is lending a very quiet hand to all of this because he realizes the ultimate truth: if the DL can be subverted in such a manner by a mythos force, the effects on humanity's subconscious would be devastating. The corrupting influence will spread through billions, making them the Great Old Ones and heralding the Endtimes. The DL won't be a last refuge for mankind but the signaler of our doom.

For campaigning, Kurotokage can be engaged in a desperate battle to save the DL that is fought in both the RW and DL. They can face the BOYS, Ghouls, cultists, Mi-Go seeking revenge, Yakuza, Japan, Inc., etc. Kuromaku can be using the DL to travel around the RW quickly to appear almost anywhere. DL magic and artifacts might be making their way here as tech is going the other way. Maybe Kuromaku is working on a VR system, hidden amongst other high tech products, as a way to finally break down the walls separating the Dreamlands.

June 21, 2002 (Davide)

This bit about physically entering the Dreamlands always bugged me a bit, but it's canon, as they say, so we might as well make the most of it. On the other hand, an outpost with WW2 personnel and gear stationed in the Lands would accentuate the dreamlike quality of those stories about stranded soldiers unaware of the fact that the war ended (echoes of Camel's "Naked").

The "stranded garrison" scenario has strong Slumberland potential - I think about Buzzati's "Tartars Desert", with a whole garrison, stationed at the margins of a dream-like desert, progressively succumbing to Carcosa-like ennui as they endlessly wait for a Tartarian invasion force that probably will never come.

Taking it from there, the whole thing might be worked out. The guys were stationed there at the end of WW2 due to some desperate cock and bull plan from some Mythos-savvy general or cabinet minister. Someone (maybe even Kurotokage itself?) found expedient to keep the guys supplied, in the dark about the war's outcome, and forever manning their positions.

Provided the unit was stationed in some "tropical paradise"-like pocket of Slumberland, they might not have been aware of the fact they were not in the Real World anymore - at least in the beginning. As the op progressed, the guys most likely broke away from sanity in some constrained, martial way - embracing everyday ritual as a way for keeping the most surreal elements of the Dreamlands at bay. So you end up with a well equipped, fanatical, slightly deranged group of soldiers, waiting for the Yanks to come, somewhere in the Cerenarian Sea.

Now, why keep the op going?Are they actually just guarding something? And who's backing them up?

So - all in all I think the interesting twists outweight the awkward parts, and suggest we file this under "good bits to develop".

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