The Offal Truth

Scattered reports have been coming in from Intelligence agents in Austin, Texas. Theyclaim to have a beef with the Meat Processing Plant "Tenderloin Time." Reports of domestic violence and unprovoked assaults have dramatically increased in the surrounding areas. Intelligence reports the plant has been coming online at night, with a strange red glow. The red pulsations have been getting worse, and Delta Green fears something might be finally coming to a head…of beef.

Get your agents ready, handler, and try to have them steer clear of danger and loin from their mistakes because in this mission they're going to have to beat their meat.

What's Happening:

The owners of Tenderloin Time accidentally discovered a large underground cavern system when looking to expand the plant. The caves were involved in worship of Tsathoggua by the Tonkawan Indians who had a reputation of eating their victims and not speaking any other Native American dialect. This ancient ritual site has lain dormant for centuries, but now awakens from freshly spilled blood.

An alien consciousness has formed in the tons of white slime waste that made is way into the cavernous pit. The slime is possessing the workers in order to make sure it is continuously fed. The psychically tainted meat, packaged and distributed locally, has caused domestic violence and aggravated assault in the Austin area to double.


HIGH STEAKS is set up around the processing plant "Tenderloin Time", including the surrounding parking lot, truck depot, and the plant itself. This 24 hr operation is on ten acres of flat land, with a small paved road leading to the nearby city of Thrall to the Northeast of Austin, TX. The surrounding area is mostly scrub and farmland. The plant is surrounded by a tall security fence made of chain link, with an outward facing barbed wire section (1d4 dmg). A 60% ATHLETICS can get an agent over the fence without taking damage. There is a main entrance with a security guard booth and an automated crossing bar in the south of the facility. The guards are third party and are suspicious of the red glow and lack of cameras inside the plant. There is a smaller employee entrance to the west operated via an employees keycard with no security guard.

Inside the fence, guests are greeted by an old weather beaten image of a cow gleefully feeding itself into an old fashioned meat grinder. The visitor parking lot is to the south of the plant and a small employee parking lot is to the west. There is little cover in this area, however agents may note a plethora of trees that are being used to hide windows from view. At night, these trees take on the appearance of flayed arteries when the Hungering Red Light turns on.

The plant has its main entrance in the south, an employee door with keycard access in the west, and a door locked with a rusted chain in the north.

The south entrance leads to a VISITOR CENTER filled with pictures of various cuts of meat in rather vivid detail, none of them cooked. Visitors are offered samples. Beyond the customer service desk is a door that leads to the administration OFFICES. The hallway goes past various offices and ends at the large steel door that opens into the processing room. In one office, a 50% SEARCH finds a legal pad of paper that starts out with normal accounting info and looks more frenzied and insane as time goes on. The pad mentions "that thing below knows my name", "no more vegans", "we are all ONE flesh", and "I don't want to be hungry anymore." The desk has KILL IT WITH FIRE scratched multiple times into the wood along with dried blood. A lab can confirm this blood is genetically bovine, but an unrecognizable breed.

The PROCESSING ROOM covers the area of half of a football field with no walls or partitions. However, it is a confusing tangle of head-tall machines, pipes, and three large conveyor belts that run the length of the floor. Everyone suffers a -20% to ALERTNESS checks due to the noise of chunking, crushing, and rending cow meat.

The three moving belts continually slice apart meat and produce copious amounts of blood. The agents can stop the machines by turning them off with a 40% HEAVY MACHINERY, destroy them with a 10% Lethality or better weapon (each machine has 25 HP and 10 Armor), or they can all be shut down at the control panel with a 30% COMPUTER SCIENCE.

The room is filled with sawblades, meat hooks, and cutting implements. Any enemy or agent that is pushed, crosses, or impacts one of these takes 1d6+1 dmg.

Many metal grates line the stone tiled floor where the blood and viscera is drained away. An agent can make an INT ×5 roll while checking the draining system to see that instead of having the waste pumped away to be disposed of properly, the gore is funneled into a hole 1' in diameter that goes right into the earth.

The large door to the west opens into the refrigerated MEAT CLOSET where split sides of beef are hanging in rows ready to be cut apart. From the refrigerated room, a door opens into the TRUCK DOCKS, LOCKER ROOMS, and BREAKROOM. The TRUCK BAY has drums of gasoline and diesel. One badly worn HAZMAT suit hangs in the LOCKER ROOMS.

The North door of the PROCESSING ROOM leads to a SUPPLY CLOSET, which then leads outside to the north locked padlock entrance. The SUPPLY CLOSET has a trap door made of metal with a key needed to open it. The key is kept with the Shift Supervisor at the control panel. The trap door opens to a natural cavern structure with stairs leading down that were carved into the rock centuries ago. Effigies carved into the walls depict humans in various stages of opening their own gut and offering their organs to a huge Toad-like entity. An UNNATURAL roll would remind the agents of Tsathoggua (SAN 0/1). At the end of the stairs, a seemingly bottomless pit opens up. Blood, entrails, and gore leak out of cracks formed in the walls and feed into the mass of moving white slime below.

Special Rules:

Hungering Red Light: Every 15 minutes after sundown, a red glow suffuses the entire inside of the plant, originating from nowhere. If an agent attacks a Plant Worker, or attempts to get in the SUPPLY CLOSET, the Red Light triggers immediately. Agents make an opposed POW test vs. the White Slime, -20% if any tainted meat has been consumed. Any agent that fails immediately gorges on raw meat from a conveyor belt (SAN 1/1d4 for helplessness). Any agent that fails the opposed POW contest twice defends the White Slime and the plant. To avoid the need to gorge on meat, an agent may help feed the White Slime by either making sure blood and gore gets down into the grates in the Processing Room or they can cut themselves for 1d4 dmg (SAN 0/1d4 for violence) and let their blood drain into the floor. Furthermore, the crimson light will reanimate one Beef Carcass which will enter play from the MEAT CLOSET and head towards the nearest agent.


Plant Worker: The friendly folks at Tenderloin Time love meating new people. They will act as normal, cheerful people during the day and will even let guests enter the VISITOR CENTER during business hours. At nighttime, they become hostile towards outsiders. Treat as cultists with bladed weapons. All of them carry an employee keycard, while the supervisor will also carry an iron key for the trap door. Any worker that is dead when a burst of the Hungering Red Light occurs reanimates as a zombie.

Beef Carcass: A steer that has been bled, split, de-hoofed, beheaded, and skinned,
they flop around clumsily on their stumps, crawling forwards to attack. Treat as Liveliest Awfulness.

All Flesh is One/White Slime: A horrid mass of discarded nervous tissue, bone marrow, and blood living below the plant in the CAVERNS. This oozing being is responsible for the Hungering Red Light and the mental enslavement of the plant workers, forcing them into feeding it with the life essence of slaughtered beings. It has a texture like a cold gellid can of SPAM and has a dark alien intellect fueled by the panicked memories of all the beings incorporated into it. This horror must be destroyed to win the encounter. It will attack agents only when they enter the CAVERNS or attack it. Treat as a Slime of Tsathoggua with the following addition:

Feeding: For each working conveyor belt active, it recovers 1 HP every round of combat from the blood and gore pouring down from the PROCESSING ROOM above.


Destroy White Slime, +1d6 SAN
Saving Plant Workers without killing any, +1d8 SAN


This was an entry to the 2019 Delta Green shotgun scenario contest, written by Jason Rah and Streicher Hennessy.

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