The Resurrection of Commodore Cook

by the MIB

In EMERALD HAMMER, I postulated that the Karotechia, once it becomes aware of Delta Green, might well raid Arlington National Cemetary and ressurect Navy Commodore Martin Cook, Delta Green's commander from it's inception in 1942 to 1959, when he was confined to Bethseda Naval Hospital for psychiatric evaluation. (Actually I was thinking they'd ressurect Major General Fairfield, but good ol' "Rev" Tynes steered me towards Cook as a more appropriate victim of this Nazi Necromantic Grave-Robbing).

Now, years later, I'm thinking that the Ressurection of Commodore Cook would be a huge error for the Karotechia. In their arrogance in thinking they could control Cook with the threat of misressurection, he would pretend to be cowed, but he'd actually be waiting for an opportunity to cast Call AZATHOTH and put an end to these Nazi Bastards and his own misbegotten second existence once and for all.

As soon as Bitterich or Dr. Frank hauled Cook before them to gloat and interrogate him in person, he'd reveal to them some firsthand knowledge of the summoning of AZATHOTH. Perhaps he'd be assisted in this endeavor by a Ressurected Agent ADAM… who'd also be looking for a way to screw over the Nazis. I think there'd be only one possible survivor from this "meteor impact" in the Amazon Rainforest: Reinhard Galt, who'd be cut loose from the now demolished power structure of the Karotechia. A Tunguska level event in the Amazon would certainly frighten politicians into increasing funding for NASA and Majestic would be certain to take advantage of this.

Meanwhile, a badly burned and scarred Reinhard Galt would probably head for Africa. If he had to make a few stops in the United Kingdom for financial reasons, PISCES, Delta Green, or especially the GRU-SV8 might be able to track him down and put an end to him on the foggy streets of London. This could be abetted by a last minute transmission from ADAM, who would send all kinds of Karotechia files into the Delta Green Secure Server. With the Triumvirate shattered and most of the Ritter and Bischofes blasted into subatomic particles by AZATHOTH, the Karotechia would only have a handful of scenarios left in them, mostly dealing with Bischofes and Ritter who were absent during Cook's Revenge.

PS: I wonder if Martin Cook might be decended from Captain James Cook, a limey who sailed around the Pacific until he ran into Hawaii…

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