The Scalpel of R'Gley

This short dog-eared journal is hand written in a college composition book. The author is unknown. A search of the notebook for fingerprints reveals what must be the prints of the author throughout, on every page where he laid his left hand while his right hand wrote. But these prints do not appear in any database. The author is unknown, and apparently unknowable. He filled fifty pages of the composition book with difficult-to-read small cursive.

The journal goes on at length about "the Outsiders" - a group it claims exists outside of our spacetime, and who manipulates our spacetime as they see fit, and for their own nefarious purposes.

The writer was clearly insane. R'Gley is the name he gives to the being who supposedly gave him the Scalpel.

An excerpt from towards the end of the notebook follows:

The past unfolds naturally from the present.
We believe that the past leads to the present. But what of the Outsiders who can reach in and change the present? The cosmos insists upon a logical progression, so the past must change to account for the modified present. This change is a natural unfolding along the paths of least interference and resistance, and it uses up exactly the energy put into making the change to the present. Thus, the more the past must change to account for the modified present, the more energy is required by the Outsiders to make their desired changes.
A yesterday we can no longer remember was surely the present a short time ago, just as tomorrow will soon be a present in which we may not remember today. A different today entirely must exist for that tomorrow, and those of us in today are powerless to stop it.
Thus, the future is a disease that infects the present. There is no cure.
The only solution is amputation.
The energy reserves of the outsiders can be the only scalpel.
I have tapped the reserves. Finally. R'Gley showed me. The scalpel is in my hands and the present can finally put an end to the future so that we can begin to build a shared past.
Forgive me.

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