The Unravelling of Raymond Hart

The Unravelling of Raymond Hart: or The Despicable Quest

This is the author's original manuscript and notes to The Despicable Quest. Philip Kenan wrote his magnum opus pretty much continuously from 1968 to 1995. Now the novel has been published and the author's manuscript remains with Kenan, even though he no longer expands on it. This is a unique document, a few pages short of 3000. Kenan keeps it in his study, tied up with twine, in a cardboard box. In the box, there are also two notebooks of story notes and sketches, several motivational pamphlets, and a large number of scribbled-on napkins, scraps of paper, and old Post-It Notes.

Language: English
SAN Loss: 2/1d6
Cthulhu Mythos: +2%
Dream Lore: +6%
Spells: None
Study Time: 78 weeks

Resume with Monsters, pg. 94.

This is from the Ice Cave.

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