The Wyrm's Mysteryes

The Wyrm's Mysteryes
Being the onlie and faithfull Traslation of Ludwigg Prine his Booke, by Eduard Kelly, Bohemian Knight

There's a longish dedication after that, to King Rudolph the Second, faced by an Arcimboldo-like printing that's rather faded but still impressive.

After that's a number of pages, many sticking to each other and stained a very unpleasant rust colour. This looks like the first volume of a set of three, as there's an "I" Roman numeral impressed on the frontspiece.

I checked inside and there's an awful lot of tables and stuff about the angel Uriel.

I guess you'll pass quite a few evenings listening to your canto-pop tapes and deciphering the thing.

So, I picked it up for a few good old Stateside-made green bills, and I'll bring it along as soon as we meet.

With my compliments and all that sort of stuff.

Sincerely yours,

Jimmie Joe Mariello, Free Enterpreneur.

Tome Stats:

. Title - The Wyrm's Mysteryes; Being the onlie and faithfull Traslation of Ludwigg Prine his Booke, by Eduard Kelly, Bohemian Knight
. Author - Edward Kelly

. Date Published - surely after 1588 (the year in which kelly extorted a Bohemian knighthood claiming noble Irish ancestry)

. Format - three octavo volumes

. Contents - about 10% of Prinn's words diluted in a 90% of highly convincing but totally bogus "ermathic teachings". All the original illustrations have been preserved, but are presented in the text in a casual order.

. Reading Time - two full months for the complete set.

Reading Stats

Anyone with a working knowledge of Ludwig Prinn's original can easily see through kelly's mise-en-scene. On the other hand, Kelly probably compiled the hoax to try and regain some credit with the Prague court, and therefore employed all the tricks in the book to emulate the actual thing.

So, unless a Mythos check succeeds, investigators are likely to take the whole opus at face value.

Sanity Drain: 1d4/1d6 (the pictures are still there)

Mythos Rating: 1%

Other checks - a character reading the whole set of three volumes gains a check on Occult and one on Ermethic Magick/Crowleyan Crap (keeper's choice).

Spells: make up the impressive sounding thrash you think would best suit your campaign. None works (thankfully).

From the Ice Cave Collection.

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