The Xocho Locker

Susan Xocho (ToO, pg 233) has been a quietly growing influence within
the pop music industry, having moved into the music video industry in
the early 1990's. She has been active in all popular genres, having
worked on video choreography for Destiny's Child, The Black Eyed Peas,
Mariah Carey, Justin Timberlake, Lady Gaga, Bjork, Radiohead, Eminem,
Jay-Z, Drake, and up-and-coming R&B performer Cassilda Ythill. As time
has gone by, Xocho has become more attuned to the influence of the
King in Yellow, who she perceives as a figure she calls the
All-Encompassing Love.

Through her influence, Hastur imagery has begun to subtly pervade much
of the pop music zeitgeist, and is only subconsciously registered.
Many of those who perceive its influence are misguided and drowned out
by conspiracy theories about Illuminati Satanic imagery in pop music.
There are few people who manage to be knowledgeable about the cultural
and proto-cultural hues of the Vibe while also remaining sane, while
also spending time watching pop music videos. It is a subtle and
pervasive threat that Delta Green is almost completely unaware of.

Cell J suspected something back in August 2001 when Xocho was just
starting out and choreographed a video for Charnel Dreams called
Zothique Romance, which was a little too obvious with the Mythos
references. The Cell were in the midst of an investigation when they
came to the attention of Robert G. Ashe, the Bishop of the See of
Flesh (ToO, pg. 188). After they reportedly spent an evening on
surveillance, their SUV was found empty and upside down on a southern
Californian beach, covered in blood and ichor. Before another
investigation could be carried out, sudden political and existential
changes distracted A Cell enough that the wole matter was forgotten.

But not all of Cell J perished. Agent JERRY (Martin Laurence Wentz, US
Postal Service) was coming back from a convenience store with coffee
when he discovered his Cell and their vehicle had vanished. He would
have been attacked himself if Stephen Alzis hadn't pulled him through
an open door and brought him to New York City. Alzis patiently
explained the rest of the Cell were dead, and if he wanted to get
revenge the best way was going after Xocho directly. Why did he do
this? Who knows. Maybe he didn't like the competition. Maybe he didn't
like the video. He also gave the agent a copy of The King in Yellow,

JERRY went rogue and took over his old Cell's Green Box, withdrew all
his savings, stopped going to work and stopped communicating with A
Cell and his estranged family. He began to stalk Xocho, taking photos
and sneaking into her house to steal personal items. He began to keep
a video diary, his growing understanding of The King In Yellow keeping
pace with his obsession with each new Xocho-produced video.

In 2005, JERRY broke into Xocho's house with the intent to kill her,
and was shot by a security guard. He was arrested and charged with
burglary, assault and attempted murder, based on the evidence police
found in his car parked nearby. He never told investigators about the
Green Box or Delta Green, and his claims that Xocho was an agent of
the "Yellow Mask" were ignored, and he was eventually imprisoned.

In 2015, Xocho's pop culture standing is much higher. Along with her
video work for hit shows like True Detective and Man in the High
Castle, she has been acclaimed for her direction on Cassilda Yhtill's
controversial music videos (the most recent of which was a
surrealistic torture-porn opus acclaimed by critics as a progressive
riposte to Rihanna's Bitch Better Have My Money, told from the
perspective of the victim).

JERRY's payment on the Green Box locker have long gone overdue, and
the contents were recently auctioned off. When the new owner went
through the material he realized he had found the locker of the
notorious stalker Martin Laurence Wentz, and immediately notified the
media. Soon, online media outlets were buzzing about the bizarre
collection of photos, personal effects and bizarre ranting. Of
particular interest were references to Disney Channel child actor
Angel Walker, who would grow up to be Cassilda Yhtill (Xocho had been
grooming her for a long time).

More alarmingly were the references to cults, monsters and government
agents gone rogue, as well as weapons. Along with JERRY's obsessive
material, the evidence and materials from Cell J's previous operations
in the late '90s were still in the locker. The problem is, Delta Green
doesn't know exactly what was left there and how damaging it could be.

The Cell is instructed to debrief Agent JERRY, while taking over an
"official investigation" into the materials in order to eliminate or
sanitize anything that could jeopardize or expose the Program (or the
Group). Complicating this whole operation is the avid interest in the
story among Yhtill's seemingly endless hordes of fans, as well as her
personal media label Xanthous and pushy social media "investigators".

This operation could easily be the beginning of a campaign dealing
with the Secret Senate, and thereby the Cult of Transcendence in
general, as well as the Fate. The details of the rest of the Delta
Green materials are left up to the imagination of the Keeper: they
could be cold cases, red herrings, valuable information, or
mind-shattering forgotten horrors depending on the needs of the


This was an entry to the 2015 shotgun scenario contest. Written by David Tormsen.

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