There and Back Again

On January 15, 1999, Janice Horowitz, a friendly, disappeared while assisting DG agents in Seattle. She was a veterinarian who would provide medical care to agents in the field.

Today she walked into work exactly 16 years later, as if nothing out of the ordinary has happened. She looks as if she hasn’t aged a day(she was 27 when she went missing). She is the subject of a cold missing persons case, which was just reopened. She has been brought to the local police department to figure out just what happened. She is very confused.

Due to the restructuring of Delta Green, information on the agents she had been assisting is spotty at best. A re-photocopied note has come to light referencing a cult in the Fremont area of Seattle, who would meet beneath the Aurora Bridge, under the watchful eye of the Fremont Troll. Since the DG investigation, the cult has gone further underground, and no attempts to investigate or infiltrate it have been successful since.

The following is known about the agents involved.

The cell in question was F cell.

Agent Franklin, the leader, died that night. He was found stabbed in the chest 3 times, his body dumped in front of the Fremont Troll.

Agent Fenton ended up in the hospital after a sloppy bullet removal done before he arrived resulted in internal bleeding. He refused to cooperate with police, and died within an hour of arrival at the hospital.

Agent Fez was found huddled in the rain in his underwear, rocking back and forth. He hasn’t spoken a word since, and has been a patient at West Seattle Psychiatric Hospital ever since.

Agent Fiona retired from the FBI 5 years ago, and still lives in an apartment in Seattle’s University District. She has had no contact with DG since the restructuring.

There are now multiple groups interested in Miss Horowitz. Agents of the reactivated Delta Green will want to interrogate her to find out what she knows, where she has been, and whether or not she is a threat. Agents still out in the cold will want her for similar reasons; what does she know about them, if she needs to be eliminated, etc. Members of the cult also want her, believing she must be sacrificed so that they may gain divine power from her death.


This was an entry to the 2015 shotgun scenario contest. Written by Lex.

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