Thomas Madigan

REAL NAME: Thomas Madigan
EDUCATION: Some here, some there
SPECIALTIES: Logistics, Cocktails, Ex-Black Bag Ops

STR 12
CON 10
DEX 10
INT 15
POW 11
CHA 14

HP 11
WP 11
SAN 55
BP 44


Patient; Quiet; Reserved; generally doesn’t speak unless asked a question; Respectful; Trustworthy; Honest; When he speaks, people listen; Very resourceful; Always tends to “know” things: Geo-politics, how to pick a lock, mix the best Old-fashioned.

Not much is known about Tommy Madigan. He arrived in D.C. by way of Boston, at least his clients assume. That is only known due to his heavy brogue when certain ‘R’s’ are spoken aloud, (ask him to pull the ‘CAH’ in the ‘YAHD’, and you’ll easily notice this). Tommy is very resourceful almost to the point where he knows things he shouldn’t or couldn’t know. Always has a guy that does this or a woman who knows that; places he can ‘get that from’. Tommy’s prior relationships have always had him on the radar with Delta Green.

Rumor is that he fell out of favor with a Government Intelligence Agency for going rogue when his family was targeted while he was overseas. His ‘clients’ as they are known are truly just his regulars at the bar. As best they can tell, here’s the story: Tommy Madigan began working at “The Argonaut” back in the winter of ’97. He just arrived at the bar one night and blended in well with the surroundings. Nothing stood out about him. He wasn’t flashy, he exhibited none of the younger ‘tenders flair for the dramatics when creating a cocktail or pouring a beer. The oddest part about Tommy at the job is that he knew what you wanted before you asked for it. ‘Intuition” as he called it. Madigan was always able to guess your next move before you knew it. Another beer would be sat in its forerunner’s place before the last drop of condensation would hit the bartop. A second mixed drink, three fingers of Rye Bourbon, or even the check, he knew before you did your next move.

The ‘Clients’ as they called themselves began to only show up during Tommy’s shift. Nothing out of the ordinary stood out about him. Sure, once in a while someone they did not recognize would show up and sit at the far end of the bar. Madigan would pour a non-descript liquor form an unlabeled bottle kept behind the bar itself. Maybe a manila folder would pass hands or a small envelope would be slid discretely under a newspaper. Things that a ‘normal’ bartender might not have need or want for. Tommy kept it quiet and as hidden as possible. Many of the ‘Clients’ determined that he was indeed a spy and hiding in plain sight right under the noses of some secret government agency here in D.C. Some scoffed at the admission that Tommy could even carry a weapon, let alone carry national security secrets. Conspiracy theorists abound as they would play their evening game of ‘Guess Tommy’s Former Life’. Single questions often received single answer from the barkeep never revealing enough for the group to put two and two together. A slight smile and a nod from Tommy would send the group into fits of laughter each time they thought they had ‘Ole Madigan figured out. He would send them another round and the process of investigation would start all over.

Bits and pieces of stories have never truly nailed down Tommy or his background. But ‘The Clients’ love and respect their barkeep and consider him one of their own.


Alertness 60%, Bureaucracy 50%, Demolitions 40%, Firearms 60%, ForLang (Spanish) 40%, HUMINT 50%, Law 30%, Melee Weapons 50%, Military Science (Land) 50%, Navigate 50%, Persuade 40%, Stealth 50%, Survival 50%, Swim 40%, Unarmed Combat 60%

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