At least one agent got physically close enough to both take a SAN hit and activate Tsathoggua’s Hunger (pg. 248 Delta Green Handler’s Guide). Snuggle him!

The Problem:

Tsathoggua did not eat the agent, and instead pulled them under one massive wing. It’s dark, warm, and fluffy. For being so close to a sleeping Great Old One, it’s also surprisingly soporific. The agent is in no danger of being crushed due to Tsathoggua’s Fundamental Control, but their bodily needs remain the same.

Some Possible Solutions:

  • Fall asleep: No rolls required, just waiting long enough. Strange and slow changes adapt the Agent to their new role…
  • Wiggle out: Requires a successful Stealth roll at -20%. Tsathoggua might be big enough to not notice the Agent getting away. This roll must be made within 12 hours of being grabbed.
  • Tickle or pinch the Great Old One: Roll odds or evens. Odds, the Agent can get out as Tsathoggua shifts. Evens, there’s an earthquake.
  • Forcible removal: Trying to remove an Agent from Tsathoggua’s sleeping grasp without their consent costs the snuggled Agent an additional 1d6/1d10 SAN, but can be achieved with a successful Athletics roll at -40% or a Heavy Machinery roll with no penalty – so long as the extraction team gets the machinery into N’Kai in the first place.
  • Air strike: If an Agent is highly placed enough and has a powerful enough communication device (a satphone, a SITOR transmitter, or something weirder) they might be able to call in a surgical air strike. Of course, they won’t survive, and their pyrrhic victory raises questions about the use of bunker busters on US soil within 300 miles of Waco…


Tsnuggles was written by Jacqueline Bryk for the 2023 Shotgun Scenario contest.
Source: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1S4kQg9xoARAXyV1Gz3ruX4osRtTUl8Q-PuZhqni2nhw/edit

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