Tuchulcha cultist spells

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Awakening of the Keter: Known only to Nikolai Tarkonov, Stefan Reichardt, and Josef Graubenstein. This spell can only be cast in the presence of The Son of the Blade. The spell, also called simply The Awakening, makes the messianic figure aware of his true nature. The spell instantly blasts the Son of all his Sanity, and he learns the spells Fingers of Tuchulcha, Gate to Da'ath, and Summon Tuchulcha.

  • Requirements: Completely exhausts the casters' MP.

Fingers of Tuchulcha: Used as a torture device occasionally among cultists against the cult's enemies. The magical invocation enchants the caster's hands, and if he makes skin to skin contact with an enemy, the person so touched is wracked with agony. The victim takes no damage at first, but is only immobilized for one round. Damage caused can be increased by the caster at will.

  • Requirements: 3 MP per 1 HP damage inflicted upon the victim.

Gate to Da'ath: Many higher-ups in the cult know this spell. There is a very simple reason that the world is not overrun with Lam-beings right now, though; only The Son of the Blade, a prophesized messianic figure, knows the variant spell, Summon Tuchulcha. The gate spells known to most cultists are only of enough power to gate through two or three Lam-beings.

  • Requirements: 2 POW + 13 MP
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