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A rather plain book, fairly small, published by Derby & Son of Arkham, Mass., and written by Prof. Felix Aubrey of Miskatonic University, this volume is a fictional work. Compiling the New England surrounding ghouls, it compiles these and a selection of relevant short stories, and extrapolates the anatomy of the ghoul to a good level of accuracy.

Possessing this book when encountering ghouls, leads to the possibility that the ghouls will take grave offend (50% chance). Should this occur, the ghouls will retaliate by murdering at least one of the offender's loved ones.

Language: English
Cthulhu Mythos: +1%
SAN Loss: 0/1d2
Spell Multiplier: x1
Spells: Contact Ghoul
Study Time: 6 weeks.

Miskatonic University, pg. 326.

This is from the Ice Cave.

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