Visions of Ede the Pious

Appearance: The Visions appear as a leather bound sixteenth century Bible. Various sections have been annotated with spidery-writing, certain verses (particular those from the latter part of the Book of Daniel) have been underlined as significant. In the latter section of the book several loose pages have been added, describing a variety of unnatural phenomena and "visions" from Ede the Pious, an Italian monk whose details seem to have been lost to the annals of History. Amongst these occurences Ede describes rituals of banishment and protection, given to him by the Lord to fight the Evil One. Much of this is Christian doctrine, although it is impossible to tell where the liturgy ends up and the ritual begins.

Keeper Information (Spoilers below)


San Loss: d2/d4

Contents: The Visions contains the following spells. "Protection and sanctification from the Evil One" (Elder Sign), "Saving grace of our Lord" (Heal) and "Detection of the unholy for purification" (A Mythos spell which allows the user to make a POW*3 roll to detect the presence of low power Mythos creatures - limitations are left to the individual Keeper)

Skill gain: Cthulhu Mythos +1% Theology +2%

Notes: The nature of the book means that all spells cast take three times as long to cast and require a successful Theology roll to work. The notes surmise that God has granted man power (through the work of the Holy Ghost) to drive out Satan and his spawn. This is a tome of hope, not despair, thus the low SAN loss. However this has the "drawback" that spells must be cast in faith. In games terms the Keeper may treat the caster as he if he had +/-5 POW for purposes of spell casting depending upon his faith and convictions.

This is from the Ice Cave.

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