Weapons of mass destruction
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Mister Incognito wrote: (DGML 11216)
What if the WMD's weren't NBC weapons but Mythos artifacts and rites on a similar power scale?
Ross, being brought into the Mythos picks up data that Majestic-12 has been missing and sees
Saddam playing wakey-wakey Mr. Squiddy and Friends out in the desert. He uses Majestic's influence to help persuade the government to knock over Iraq - Kroft for personal gain, the public government really believing in the WMD's and he and DG to go after the Mythos.

The idea came out of a short one shot comic I read years ago. The backstory was that the Djinn were real god-like powerful spirits that roamed around and occassionally kind of interacting with humanity, they had a whole other thought process, nearly always to humanities detriment. Solomon finally has enough and develops his seal to help trap and contain them in dozens or hundreds of pottery jars and hides them away.

So these massively powerful, normally free ranging spirits are trapped in the jars getting more and more
pissed off by the year and going insane as well. When you crack a jar containing one and release it it goes postal and on a rampage creating destruction and releasing power equal to that of a nuclear weapon before burning out. They're so pissed and deranged that they expend all their life power in the destruction. These guys are basically the biblical version of city-busting thermonuclear weapons.

So fast forward to 2002 or so and Ross/DG's snooping, possibly using a friendly on the UN inspector teams, turns up the Iraqi Mythos links, and that they've found about the whole Djinn-in-a-Jar business and looking for some they think are hidden in the country. Red lights start flashing at the thought of Saddam with nuclear-comparable weapons that give off no detectable emissions, are easy to transport and hide and don't need to be manufactured heavily either. The possibility of his finding a stash of these and shipping a few to Tel Aviv or Washington equal Cue Invasion Time! in large flashing lights.

The official WMD search teams run around for months chasing mainly smoke and mirror weapons whilst the DG teams move in and hoover up the Djinn jars as well as a bit of casual looting of antiquities at the Iraq Museum and the murder or two of a select few Mukhabarat officers and researchers.

The Ross/DG alliance opens up some new possibilites but at the same time limits DG as well. Ross and DG
are trying to overthrow the Majetic Steering Committee so they've got to tread carefully. Ross's patronagehelps them weather the whole DHS reorganisation well and allows them access to some low visibility help. By trying to take down the Committee though they're breaking the rules of engagement, Ross gets caught then Delta shoots him and goes after DG wholesale as well - extra help is balanced by the fact that if they screw up never mind jail time, the whole organisation could be lost.

To which The Man In Black replied (DGML 11230, 18493)

Tying WMD to the Mythos seems silly to me, given that the reality of WMD is much more frightening than tentacle monsters.Genetically engineered smallpox that burns through antibodies, vaccines and
anti-viral drugs could potentially inflict a global casualty rate of 90% or more. Of course, exact estimates are classified by the US Army and the CDC.

So let's tone it down a bit: I see a madman within the Hussein regime supporting findings made during the late eighties at the Iraqi National Museum. These findings would point towards magnificent lost
cities in the Arabian Desert. During the nineties, they'd hit Petra, Ubar and a few others and eventually lead Iraq to threaten Saudi Arabia with invasion. In the 21st Century, the madman would link up
with Al-Qaeda in Iraq and propose a holy pilgramage, a desert expedition designed to further the interests of Jyhad.

If the madman was inducted into the Black Brotherhood… who have a vested interest in Terrorism, Assassination and Mass Destruction, then the links to Irem and the Nameless City become clearer. Irem being the city of pillars sacred to the Cthulhu Cult and the Nameless City being perhaps a precursor to Carcosa. Survivors from the Nameless City may have fled it's supernatural doom and founded Carcosa in the lands north of Byzantium.

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