Weekly Wiki Challenge

The larger a wiki gets, the more unwieldly it becomes. It is too easy to lose track of which parts of the wiki work well, and which still need some improvement. To motivate users to help with the general improvement of the wiki - and also to showcase older contributions to the wiki which might serve as new inspirations for Delta Green adventures and campaigns - I came up with the following idea:

  • Each week, I will randomly select two wiki entries with the unformatted tag for improvements in formatting and rewriting into one or more regular wiki entries.
  • Each week, I will randomly select two "wanted pages" - empty pages which are linked to within the wiki but which have no entries yet, or which only exist as a stub.
  • I will post the most recent Weekly Wiki Challenge to the relevant forum as well as the Delta Green Mailing List.

Members of both the Delta Green Mailing List and the Wiki are encouraged to improve and expand upon these entries. Don't forget to read the Improvement Guidelines before starting to edit the pages!

- Jürgen Hubert

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